The Best Astrology-Themed Gifts

Do you know someone who always knows which planet to blame your problems on, who can tell a Scorpio from a Sagittarius any day of the week or who has made you download the Costar app, just so they could take a deep look into your chart?

If so, it sounds like you've got a big-time astrology fan for a friend. There's a good chance you might be majorly into what the stars have to say as well, and either way, you can get a better idea about what to buy (or add to your own wish list) when you need to find an astrology-themed gift by exploring our list of the best ones below.

This Book That Tells Them All About Their Sign: $9

Not only are these books (available at Urban Outfitters or a ton of other places) aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they're also full of fun and helpful information about a specific sign.

urban outfitters seeing stars astrology book

(via Urban Outfitters)


 A Candle That Protects Against the Pains of Mercury Retrograde: $30

While real astrology lovers know that Mercury retrograde isn't something that necessarily needs to be feared, most of us still can't help but get shivers down our spines when we hear the term said aloud. Thankfully, this candle does the hard job of protecting against the bad vibes for us (and it's just so pretty to look at, too).

uncommon goods mercury retrograde candle

(via Uncommon Goods)


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A Sign-Specific Set of Crystals: $22.50

Help them (or you) tap into the power of their sign with a set of healing crystals suited specifically to their zodiac. Each set comes with six crystals, as well as a card that explains how the stones complement the sign they're assigned to.

amazon rock paradise sign crystals

(via Amazon)


A Sweatshirt for the Astrology Lover Who Is Obsessed With Their 'Big Three': $29.54+

While most of us are familiar with our sun sign, your moon and rising sign can be just as important. This sweatshirt from Etsy is perfect for anyone who can tell you their "big three" as if they're telling you what they had for breakfast, as it's personalized to feature a gorgeous image of each sign.

astralgravy etsy big three zodiac sign sweater

(via AstralGravy/Etsy)


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A Personalized Tumbler: $24.95

Hydration has never looked so good than with this customized tumbler, which features a specified name, constellation and zodiac symbol all on a chic metal cup complete with a straw.

Amazon Avito Store personalized zodiac tumbler

(via Amazon)


An Entire Gift Set Prefect for the Spa or Tea Lover You Know: $27.20+

Looking for a do-it-all gift that doesn't require any work on your end? This personalized gift box from Etsy is just the ticket. There's a spa option and a tea option, allowing you to show how well you know the receiver of this perfectly star-sign themed gift.

Etsy Joygiftbox personalized zodiac gift box

(via Joygiftbox/Etsy)


This Dainty Tarot Zodiac Necklace: $17+

Whether you're shopping for a hardworking Capricorn, artsy Aquarius, bold Leo or any other sign under the sun, it's hard to go wrong with a gorgeous piece of jewelry like this dainty personalized necklace from Etsy (although we'd also recommend a delicate ring like this one for $18.89+ or this one for $15).

Etsy ZodiacMinimalist tarot zodiac necklace

(via ZodiacMinimalist/Etsy)


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This Moon & Stars Ceramic Trinket Dish Tray Set: $11

While technically not zodiac-specific, these crescent moon shaped trinket trays are just so perfect for any astrological lover that we couldn't resist adding it to our list of the best astrology-themed gifts. Plus, you can choose from three different color combinations, making it just as personal as many of the others gifts on this list.

Natubeau Moon and Stars jewelry trays

(via Amazon)


This Guided Journal, Based on Their Sign: $15.99

Know an astrology lover who would love to add a bit more mindfulness to their daily routine? These adorable journals allow you to learn more about yourself and dive into astrology while allowing for reflection and self-discovery—and it helps that the covers are also super cute.

Simon and Schuster guided zodiac journal aquarius book cover

(via Simon & Schuster)


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