These Mindful Holiday Gifts Are All About De-Stressing and Self-Care

As we start thinking about the perfect gifts for the people we love this holiday season, we're imagining what they need just as much as what they want—and who doesn'need a bit of self-care?

We're big on gifts that help people help themselves by practicing calm and releasing stress because they benefit everyone, whether they're dealing with high stress on the daily, or just need an occasional unwind. Curious about our top picks? Just keep scrolling to discover them all.

The Happy Planner Wildflowers Be Happy Box: $29.99

Journaling can be an important tool in anyone's self-care journey, and the ones from The Happy Planner include guided sections to keep the user focused on their goals and what matters most to them as they reflect and plan for the future. This vibrant, Wildflowers "Be Happy" Box has a playful feel and includes a classic notebook and filler paper, plus all kinds of stickers, flags and metal discs to keep the journal's look updated and fresh while setting fun reminders to grow and learn at every step.

The Happy Planner Be Happy Wildlwoers

(via The Happy Planner)


2023 Writual Tarot Journal Paperback Bundle: $75

For the friend seeking a bit of guidance with a metaphysical twist, there's the Writual Tarot Journal. It's packed with reference pages to learn all about astrology and the phases of the moon, creating space for reflection and progress for all of 2023, while also sharing knowledge about tarot reading. We loved using last year's journal to learn more about different spreads for the start of the month, as well as the full and new moon, to set intentions and learn through each phase, and the space for a daily tarot draw is also fantastic for a bit of insight every day of the year.

2023 Writual Tarot Journal

(via Writual)


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Animal Power Deck: $24.95

We get that not everyone vibes with tarot, and that's what has us so infatuated with Alyson Charles' Animal Power Deck. It includes 75 cards, each featuring different magnificently illustrated animals, who each have their own insights to both spark awareness and empower the reader with the help of an included guidebook. A daily card draw can be just the thing to positively rewrite someone's thinking and get them on the path to caring for themselves in a new and impactful way.

Animal Power Deck

(via Chronicle Books)


Trina Turk Set of 3 Multi Puzzle: $25

We find that puzzles are one of the most effective and healthy forms of temporary escapism—and they're even better when they're full of luscious color, like this set from Trina Turk. The set actually includes three 250-piece puzzles for the price of one, with a few uniquely shaped pieces to really mix things up.

Trina Turk Multi Puzzle Set

(via Trina Turk)


Pact Pullover Hoodie ($51) and Sweatpant ($58)

Sometimes, the key to feeling good is looking good, and we love this gender-neutral hoodie and sweatpants combo from Pact because it's as comfortable as it is stylish. Both pieces are made with super-soft organic, fair-trade cotton, coming in five versatile shades each, and are perfect for both lounging around at home and taking it easy, or heading out to get things done and make a difference.

Pact gender-neutral pullover hoodie and sweats

(via Pact)


Luvlette Floral & Plants Print Contrast Binding Robe: $13.50

Here's one for the person who desperately needs a spa day. This chic binding robe from Luvlette features a blue and grey pattern of florals against plants for a relaxing look as well as feel, making it just the thing for wrapping up after a soothing soak in the tub.

Luvlette floral and plants print contrast binding robe

(via Luvlette)


Three Poodle Panda Hooded Wearable Blanket: $54.99

And for the friend who adores fluffy comfort, but can't stand being cold, there's this Panda Hooded Wearable Blanket from Three Poodle. It's a blanket and a cloak all in one, complete with a panda hood, and is made with micro mink fleece on the outside and plush sherpa fleece on the inside to be super cozy as well as ridiculously soft.

three poodle panda hooded blanket

(via Three Poodle)


waterdrop Glass Starter Set: $49

Staying hydrated is one of the most important parts of self-care, but that doesn't make it easy—especially when someone isn't the biggest fan of plain water. waterdrop is here to change that by making water not just tastier, but sexy, too. This Glass Starter Set introduces new fans to six waterdrop varieties—Love, Boost, Glow, Youth, Focus and Zen—each with their own flavors, as well as nutrients and unique benefits. Plus, it comes with the cutest glass water bottle and sleeve, available in 13 different styles that will make anyone take their bottle with them everywhere.

waterdrop youth clear starter glass set

(via waterdrop)


Sugarbear Women's MultiVitamins: $34.99

Getting the right nutrients every day is also critical, and we've found it becomes so much easier to stay on top of taking them when they come in a tasty gummy form. Right now, we're obsessed with Sugarbear Women's Multi-Vitamin gummies—and they're not just gummies, they're gummy bears. They're berry-flavored, with an awesome texture with just the right amount of bite, and their vegan formulation includes Omega-3s, vitamins B9, B12, C, D2, E and more, to give the body what it needs to feel great every day.

sugarbear womens multivitamin

(via Sugarbear)


Swanson W/I/O mental wellness SELF-CARE Vitamins: $23.99

Getting a great night's sleep is another important part of taking care of yourself, but unfortunately, for many, it's not really up to us whether we actually sleep well. Swanson W/I/O/s mental wellness SELF-CARE Vitamins use melatonin, L-theanine and magnesium to fight nighttime stresses, leveling out mood and promoting clear thinking in order to help people sleep both better and longer.

swanson wio mental wellness self care vitamins

(via Swanson W/I/O)


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mixhers Herpower Mind & Mood Support: $54

For mental support throughout the day, mixhers' Herpower Mind & Mood Support drink mixes are a fantastic option. They also include L-theanine, plus myo-inositol and arginine, to enhance focus, boost energy and balance mood, and can be easily mixed into water or other liquids for a quick, tasty push and sense of balance any time the mood strikes.

mixher herpower supplements

(via mixhers)


Slowlii Restore Tablets: $24.99

Slowlii's innovative Restore Tablets are all about helping users practice calm while taking a few mindful minute out of every day. They include ashwagandha for mood-boosting, stress-reduction and improved focus, as well as vitamin D3 for a wide spectrum of health benefits. The tablets slowly dissolve in the mouth and have a gentle, minty flavor, which is a soothing and mindful experience in itself, and before long, the formula will kick in to help support resistance to stress and bring a soothing sense of calm. We also love that the effect only gets stronger with multiple uses over time.

Slowlii restore ashwagandha tablets

(via Slowlii)


Rae Wellness Destress Chocolates: $14.99

Chocolates are like an act of self-care in and of themselves, but they get even better with adaptogenic ingredients to soothe the body and focus the mind. Rae Wellness's Destress Chocolates include ashwagandha, lavender and cacao to help induce calm and fight mental fatigue, and with their sweet, gently floral flavor, your giftee will have a hard time eating only the recommend one piece per day.

rae destress chocolates

(via Rae Wellness)


Great Lakes Wellness Chocolate Collagen Peptides: $24.99

Collagen is one of the building blocks of the body, supporting healthy skin, hair and more, and Great Lakes Wellness makes it easier than ever to take in high-quality, grass-fed collagen—especially when it's in a chocolate-flavored powder form. This stuff tastes amazing and can be added to all kinds of drinks to boost health and add chocolatey flavor, which really is a win-win.

great lakes wellness collagen peptides

(via Great Lakes Wellness)


TranQuini Variety 6-Pack: $14.95

Know someone who needs a little extra help unwinding? TranQuini is essentially relaxation in a can, making it simple to calm the mind and let go of the day. Their lightly carbonated drinks have zero sugar and are infused with focus-enhancing L-theanine, soothing chamomile and mood-boosting lemon balm to bestow all kinds of benefits in a healthy, tasty drink with three flavors to fall in love with.

tranquini drink cans

(via TranQuini)


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Hoglet by Hedgehog Health: $39.99

Hoglet by Hedgehog Health is a unique computer mouse made for a very specific user in need, but you'd be surprised as to what types of people might benefit from its use. This wireless mouse has a uniquely tactile, colorful cover with jelly-like bumps that can help neurodiverse people, such as those with autism and ADHD, better connect with traditional computing. We've found that using it has even helped us focus and engage better, while also doubling as a bit of a calming fidget toy—and the cover even comes off, and might be compatible with the favorite mouse of the person you're gifting it to.

hoglet by hedgehog health

(via Hoglet by Hedgehog Health)


House of Intuition L.A. Money Box: $110

These days, most people are worried about money, so why not help one of your favorite people help themselves in the form of manifesting a bit of cash into their own lives? This Money Box from House of Intuition L.A. includes all kinds of abundance tools, from a money candle and ritual cleansing kit to anointing oil, palo santo spray, body polish, dusting powder and sun matches to set financial intentions. It'all about the mindset, and with this box, you'll invite all kinds of monetary positivity into their life.

house of intuition money box

(via House of Intuition L.A.)


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