Amanda Kloots Shares Her Wellness Journey and How Swanson W/I/O Helps to Balance Her Life

Amanda Kloots is a TV personality, fitness instructor and dancer who knows a thing or two about wellness and life balance.

Between her various jobs and being a mom to a 3-year-old, she's got a lot on her plate, but despite it all, she always makes sure to put her health first and foremost. That's also why she's a brand ambassador for Swanson W/I/O  (Wellness Inside & Out), a line of vitamins and supplements made especially for self-care of the mind, body and spirit, and has made them a part of her regular routine. We got the opportunity to chat with Amanda and learn more about her wellness journey and how Swanson W/I/O helps her lead a happier, healthier life, and here's what she shared with us.

Sweety High: How did you get involved with Swanson W/I/O as a brand ambassador?

Amanda Kloots: It was something that my team brought to the table, and after trying their products, I became such a fan. I became like obsessed. The partnership happened organically after that. It's been wonderful.

Amanda Kloots Swanson W/I/O with vitamins

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SH: Wellness isn't just a big part of your brand, but also your life. Can you tell us what wellness means to you?

AK: Wellness absolutely is a huge part of my life, from physical wellness to mental wellness to everything I do on a daily basis. Especially as a single working mom, doing what I can to keep it together on all fronts, it's super important to be aware of your mental wellness and how you can help it and how you can protect it.

Amanda Kloots Swanson W/I/O in workout gear with self recovery vitamins

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SH: How do Swanson W/I/O's vitamins and supplements fit into your own wellness routine?

AK: One of the things I love about the Swanson W/I/O products is that they bring so many options to the table for whatever you need. For me, and I think for a lot of people, that actually changes on a daily basis. For instance, it's been a bit of a stressful Monday morning, already. So in front of me, I have the Swanson W/I/O magnesiYUMMIES, which are gummies that help with stress and cognition. They're also in gummy form—and I love any kind of anything in gummy form. I love to keep those with me, in case I'm having a stressful day, or it's been a stressful show, or a stressful morning, so I can take one or two of them. I also love the COMPLETE SLEEP makeover and the nighttime herbal DECOMPRESS before I go to sleep, as sometimes, I need help sleeping. I also love the mental wellness SELF-CARE—I can just take it in the morning and get some help starting my day. It's wonderful that it's almost bespoke. You can use them to help yourself with whatever you need that day, and keep their products around o your kitchen countertop or on your office desk or in your purse.

Swanson W/I/O vitamin options

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SH: W/I/O's supplements focus on the three areas of stress, sleep and cognition. Why is managing those three things so critical in your life, especially as the mom of a 3-year-old?

AK: I think it's hard for single parents, and parents in general, to keep track of work, plus everything they're trying to get done in a day for themselves, on top of what's going on with their children. It's a lot to balance in life, and W/I/O helps with that balance.

Amanda Kloots Swanson W/I/O vitamins on the grass

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SH: Outside of taking care of yourself with the right nutrients and supplements, what are some of your other personal favorite self-care practices?

AK: One thing I have to do for myself every day is exercise. I love the physical exertion that it gives my body. It not only helps my physical wellness, but it really helps my mind clear my thoughts and helps with stress and anxiety. Getting a good amount of sleep is also important to me.

It's also important to me to keep things simple. I'm not the person who can do 10 self-care things in a day, so it's all about what I can do. What can I make a part of each day that gets me through the day? I don't have the luxury of getting a facial and a massage on top of eight hours of sleep. That's not who I am. So I try to make it as easy as possible and do the things like getting sleep and getting in my workout.

Amanda Kloots Swanson W/I/O peace of mind mushroom vitramins

(via Swanson W/I/O)


SH:  Do you feel like your life has to be very regimented to do everything you need to do in the day? 

AK: Actually, no. It's not super regimented. I just make sure that those top things become a part of my day. I'm a great multitasker. I jump rope for 10 minutes every single morning, and that's usually at work while I'm on a producer phone call, so that I can get it done. Sometimes, that's the only 10 minutes I'm working out in the day, and other times, I get to go do something else later in the day, like play tennis or box or practice one of my workouts. If nothing else, at least I've done that. I make sure that I get things in when I can.


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