20 Magical Quotes From Disney's Disenchanted to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

15 years after the release of Enchanted, its sequel, Disenchanted, finally hit Disney+ today, and the wait has been well worth it.

It turns out that the story wasn't finished after Giselle and Robert got their happily ever after in the first movie, and years later, they decide to move from New York City to the suburbs of Monroeville to live a quieter, more peaceful life. But with Giselle butting heads with her stepdaughter Morgan, now a teenager, she wonders why things can't be as fairytale-perfect as she imagined—and a wish gone awry transforms Monroeville into a magical kingdom, and Giselle from a kindly stepmother to a wicked one.

We love the way the new film recaptures the magic of the first with a whimsical new story and some stunning new songs, and if you loved it as much as we did, keep scrolling for its best quotes to use as Instagram captions.

For when your tale doesn't end simply because you got exactly what you wanted:

"What if I told you that 'ever after' wasn't the end of their story?"



For pumping yourself up before something big, new and kind of brightening:

"I know that change can be scary, but it can also be exciting."


disenchanted: giselle talking to animals in the city

(Disenchanted via Disney+)


For the cozy pic of your home that makes it feel grander than it is:

"We're so blessed To have our little castle."



For when you're stepping up to become the queen bee:

"I think that every town should have a queen, so…"


disenchanted: malvina monroe

(Disenchanted via Disney+)


For being dramatic about things not going your way:

" A brave front is required to face a life as barren as this."

-Prince Edward


For your biggest, most world-changing action:

"I say that if this world is not to your liking, then you must change it."

-Prince Edward


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For when you're decked out from head to toe in florals:

"The flowers on your skirt bring out the rest of the flowers on your skirt."



For your school project that needs a little something extra:

"Well, this isn't anything a little glitter couldn't fix."



For your most powerful TBT pic:

"Memories are the most powerful magic of all."

-Morgan Philip

disenchanted: morgan and giselle talking

(Disenchanted via Disney+)


For when real life's getting a little too complicated:

"I wish we had a fairy-tale life."



For trying to make your chores fun:

"There's work to do now. Scrubbing and sweeping, all the pleasures of housekeeping."

-Morgan Philip


For making a regular schoolday sound way more exciting than it is:

"It's time for a new adventure. A chance to prove my worth and heroic fortitude."

-Robert Philip

disenchanted: robert picking up edward's sword while singing

(Disenchanted via Disney+)


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For when you're looking snatched:

"I really do have a figure for fashion."



For embracing the weird, messy parts of yourself:

"Maybe perfect isn't perfect for me."



For when you need to get stuff done, but Sephora is calling your name:

"No! We don't have any time for vanity, we need to pull ourselves together."



For entering your villain era: :

"Who knew that being a villain could feel so… liberating?"



For when you've been fishing for compliments:

"Mirror, mirror in her hand. Who is the most blatantly insecure woman, whose constant need to ask her own reflection for validation suggests that what she really needs to do is to love herself, in all the land?"



For when you're just hoping for the best:

"Never fear. We will come up with something very smart at the very last minute that solves all our problems."

-Prince Edward


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For when love is the most powerful source of all:

"Love power. We can always choose to use it if we dare."

-Nancy Tremaine

Disenchanted: cartoon of nancy, morgan and robert

(Disenchanted via Disney+)


For the shot of you and the person you love most in the world:

"I just love you. And I couldn't wish for anything more."

-Robert Philip


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