40 Whimsical Quotes From Netflix's The School for Good and Evil to Use as Instagram Captions

Last month, Soman Chainani's beloved first novel of The School for Good and Evil finally got the Netflix adaptation it deserved, and there's a good reason it's taking the world by storm.

The film is about two best friends, Agatha and Sophie, who get whisked away to the fairytale Schools for Good and Evil. While Agatha, who's always been accused of being a witch, joins the School for Good, the beautiful and princess-like Sophie is taken into the School for Evil, and taught to be a villain. Is it all some kind of mistake, or are greater powers at play, seeking to change the Schools forever?

It's a thrilling, sweet and funny start to a great series, and we hope adaptations for the book's five sequels aren't far behind. Loved it as much as we did? Keep scrolling for 40 of the best quotes from the movie to use as your next Instagram caption.

For when you don't exactly play fair:

"It's not cheating if you win. It's only cheating if you get caught."

-Rafal Mistral

The School for Good and Evil: Rafal and Rhian duel

(The School for Good and Evil via Netflix)


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For the pic of you and your favorite arch-rival:

"Sparring with you is the only part of the day I enjoy anymore."

-Rafal Mistral


For when your room is an utter mess:

"I prefer chaos."

-Rafal Mistral


For when you don't feel like splitting dessert:

"Evil doesn't cooperate. Evil doesn't share."

-Rafal Mistral


For when a wild animal's approach has you feeling like a fairytale princess:

"Hello there, my little forest friends."



For when you and your bestie are polar opposites:

"A friendship between two such different girls might have seemed unlikely, but theirs was a special bond…"

-The Storian

The School for Good and Evil: Sophie and Agatha eating togehter

(The School for Good and Evil via Netflix)


For when you step out and finally try something scary and new:

"Okay, this might sound crazy, but you ever think about branching out of your comfort zone?"



For when you think you're a shoo-in for something:

"Allow me to list the many attributes that I believe make me a uniquely qualified candidate."



For the pic of you doing something momentous:

"From a very young age, I've always known it's been my destiny to change the world."



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For flaunting your next-level blow-out:

"Most witches don't have princess hair."



For when you're feeling a little evil, but looking 10/10:

"My dear, one doesn't measure one's goodness just by how one looks."

-Clarissa Dovey


For when your feelings drive you to do incredible things:

"Magic follows emotion. The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the magic."

-Clarissa Dovey


For when you're energized to enact huge change:

"Summon enough passion, and you can accomplish anything."

-Clarissa Dovey

The School for Good and Evil: Dovey and Agatha makeover

(The School for Good and Evil via Netflix)


For the pic of you decked out in every shade of pink:

"Let me guess. You're not a pink person? Not a problem! We also have rose, fuchsia, blush, watermelon, hibiscus. So many colors!"

-Clarissa Dovey


For your no-effort, #nofilter selfie:

"Oh, and by the way, this is what a normal girl looks like."



For when your friend gets to meet your fave celebrity:

"What did he smell like?"



For your visit to a significant historical site:

"Learn your history, cream puff."

-Dot of Nottingham


For passing on your knowledge and skills to new people:

"We teach you how to fulfill your destiny."

-School Master


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For when you're sick of caring about appearances:

"Ah, not caring how you look forces you to use your intelligence. Ugliness is freedom!"

-Professor Bilious Manley


For flashing your brightest smile:

"A lady's smile is a sword in the battle for life and for true love."

-Professor Anemone

The School for Good and Evil: Professor Anemone in beauty class

(The School for Good and Evil via Netflix)


For doing the out-of-the-box thing that brings you joy:

"I think you should do whatever makes you happiest."



For the shot of the pals who always liven up your days:

"Thank you for not being boring."

-Tedros Pendragon


For when a cat just won't leave you alone:

"They say cats are good judges of character."

-Tedros Pendragon

The School for Good and Evil: Tedros grins at Agatha

(The School for Good and Evil via Netflix)


For when you're looking so fine, you're deadly:

"As we know from our fairy tales, pretty can sometimes kill you."



For when something is too good to be true:

"Remember, only the best Evil can disguise as Good."



For your selfie with the woodland creatures:

"Those who are truly Good can summon the animals of the forest."



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For when life is feeling extra dull:

"Not everyone earns their own story."

-Clarissa Dovey


For when you want to do good, and not just for show:

"Once upon a time, Good was real and true. Now we are in the age of self-centered perfectionism."

-Clarissa Dovey


For even caring for others brings out the best in you:

"The most powerful emotion is empathy."

-Clarissa Dovey


For reminding someone of the power they wield:

"Always remember how special you are. You're gonna change the world someday."


For the shot of your comfy cat living the life:

"I want to turn into a cat at night so I can sleep under a stove. Oh, it'd be so warm."



For when you don't know whether you're good or bad, but you do know you look fab:

"Whether Good or Evil, beauty is a full-time job."


The School for Good and Evil: Sophie and the Nevers arrive at the ball

(The School for Good and Evil via Netflix)


For when you and your partner reunite, despite everything:

"Besides, nothing can keep true love apart."



For throwing shade at an ex-friend who's started acting quite wicked:

"A princess can't be friends with a witch."



For when you know things are a little more complex than they appear:

"I don't believe that anyone is truly Good or truly Evil, because people are complicated, even if everybody in this place pretends they aren't."



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For when some big changes are on the horizon:

"Think of yourself as a caterpillar about to transform into a butterfly."

-Rafal Mistral


For the family photo with the people you love most:

"I'm not someone who gives up on family. Not ever."



For when you're feeling like the main characters of life:

"Quiet … The protagonists are speaking."



For when you befriend someone unexpected:

"Good and Evil together?"

-Leonora Lesso


For the selfie with your most loved friend:

"For what is truer than the love between friends?"

-The Storian

The School for Good and Evil: Agatha and Sophie happily ever after

(The School for Good and Evil via Netflix)


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