House of the Dragon Quotes That Make Amazing Instagram Captions

House of the Dragon, the prequel to HBO'Game of Thrones, is finally here, and we couldn't be more pleased.

The show follows the rule of the Targaryens on the Iron Throne, and it's everything we could have wanted and more. House of the Dragon has a lot to live up to, and we think it's going to be just as good and successful as its predecessor. If you love the show as much as we do, keep scrolling to get a look at some quotes from House of the Dragon that make great Instagram captions.

For when you're binging House of the Dragon with your friends:

"Dreams didn't make us kings. Dragons did."

-Daemon Targaryen


For when you're wearing a dragon shirt:

"The only thing that could tear down the House of the Dragon was itself."

-Princess Rhaenrya Targaryen


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For when you're a girl boss:

"Men would sooner put the realm to the torch than see a woman ascend the Iron Throne."

-Rhaenya Velaryon


For when you're team Targaryen:

"If the world of men is to survive, a Targaryen must be seated on the Iron Throne. A king or queen. Strong enough to unite the realm against the cold and the dark."

-King Viserys Targaryen


For when you're on a plane, pretending you're riding a dragon:

"I want to fly with you on dragon back, see the great wonders across the Narrow Sea, and eat only cake."

-Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen


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For when you're rocking dragon gear:

"Take a bath. You stink of dragon."

-Aemma Arryn


For when you're the one holding the remote:

"The gods have yet to make a man who lacks the patience for absolute power."

-Otto Hightower


For when you have an obsession with dragons:

"Everyone says Targaryens are closer to gods than to men, but they say that because of our dragons. Without them, we're just like everyone else."

-Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen


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For when you're picturing what your life would be like if dragons existed:

"The idea that we control the dragons is an illusion. They're a power man should never have trifled with. One that brought Valyria its doom. If we don't mind our own histories, it will do the same to us."

-King Viserys Targaryen


For when you identify as a Targaryen:

"The blood of the dragon runs thick."

-Daemon Targaryen


For when you don't like to sit back and watch:

"I'd rather serve as a knight and ride to battle and glory."

-Princess Rhaenrya Targaryen


For when the glory days are long gone:

"The glory of old Valyria will never be seen again."

-King Viserys Targaryen


For when you're minding your own business:

"You cannot worry the matters of lords and kings."

-Alicent Hightower


For when you have a secret:

"It's only for you and the gods to know."

-Alicent Hightower


For when you prefer House of the Dragon over Game of Thrones:

"It was not my intent to make offense."

-Lord Corlys



For when you don't wait for things to happen to you:

"To elude a storm, you can either sail into it, or around it. But you must never await its coming."

-Lord Corlys


For when you enjoy being in the background:

"You are the king, but I do not envy you."

-Otto Hightower


For when you're pondering life at King's Landing:

"I imagine even dragons get lonely."

-King Viserys Targaryen


For when you're a girl boss:

"When I am queen I will create a new order."

-Princess Rhaenrya Targaryen



For when men need to take a step back:

"Men would sooner put the realm to the torch than see a woman ascend the iron throne."

-Princess Rhaenys Velaryon


For when you work for what you have:

"Our worth is not given. It must be made."

-Lord Corlys


For when you have to step up:

"Even I do not exist without tradition and duty, Rhaenyra."

-King Viserys Targaryen


For when you don't know what the journey holds:

"The road ahead is uncertain, but the end is clear."

-Otto Hightower



For when you're visiting your favorite spot:

"Familiarity is not an issue."

Princess Rhaenys Targaryen


For when you're geeking out and wearing a House of the Dragon costume for Halloween:

"By all rights you should be queen of the seven kingdoms."

Lord Corlys Velaryon


For when you snap a selfie:

"She has a paramour of her own."

Ser Joffrey Lonmouth


For when you have a big decision to make:

"If there were another path, one that led to freedom, would you tread it?"

Ser Criston Cole



For when you want to run away with your love:

"Let's leave it all behind and see the world together."

Ser Criston Cole


For when Ser Criston Cole has your heart:

"A marriage for love, not for the crown."

Ser Criston Cole


For when the leaves start to fall:

"Nature is a thing of mysterious works."

-King Viserys Targaryen


For when you're hosting a viewing party:

"You are the challenge, Aegon. Simply by living and breathing."

-Alicent Hightower



For when there's a rumor:

"Believe what you please."

-Daemon Targaryen


For when you're dyeing your hair:

"I will be a stranger when we meet again."

-Ser Harwin Strong


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