The Best Creepy Quotes From Netflix's Wendell & Wild to Use as Your Next Instagram Captions

Director Henry Selick's highly anticipated stop-motion film Wendell & Wild dropped on Netflix today, just in time for the Halloween weekend, making it a new classic for horror and animation fans everywhere.

Starring Lyric Ross, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele and Angela Bassett, it's a film about a 13-year-old girl who's tricked into summoning the titular demons, Wendell and Wild, in exchange for bringing her parents back from the dead. The movie is adventurous, spooky and sweet all at once, making it a fast favorite, and if you loved it as much as we did, keep scrolling for its very best quotes to use as Instagram captions.

For when you find that one thing that helps you love yourself:

"Figured I'd just hate myself for the rest of my life. But… fate had other ideas."

-Kat Elliot


For when you discover precisely what's been hindering you

"They say everyone's got demons, right? My demons have names."

-Kat Elliot

Wendell and Wild: Demons discuss eating hair cream

(Wendell & Wild via Netflix)


For the pic of you chowing on your favorite snack:

"'Cause it tickles my tummy."



For when you get busted:

"Yeah, I got into a little trouble. Okay, a lot of trouble."

-Kat Elliot


For when you miss someone so much it hurts:

"Good memories—they can hurt the most."

-Kat Elliot

Wendell and Wild: Kats memory of playing with her parents

(Wendell & Wild via Netflix)


For when your and your friends are looking your prissiest:

"Prize poodles. All Best in Show."

-Kat Elliot


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For trying on something new, for a change:

"New name, new beginning!"

-Siobhan Klaxon


For the pic of you deep in thought:

"Evenings, we meditate for the environment."



For when you're basking in nature:

"The earth resonates beneath our bums."

-Siobhan Klaxon

Wendell and Wild: Kat meets Siobhan, Sweetie and Sloane

(Wendell & Wild via Netflix)


For when something exciting finally happens:

"Rejoice! It's a new day in your miserable lives."



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For when you bring a friend along to see something incredible:

"You gotta have a witness!"



For when your latest art project looks exactly like you:

"Oh, gosh! Did I make a sculpture or a mirror?"


Wendell and Wild: Wendell making sculpture of himself

(Wendell & Wild via Netflix)


For when you know you shouldn't put your faith in someone:

"Maybe demons aren't the most trustworthy creatures."

-Raúl Cocolotl


For when the rumors start to get out of hand:

"Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated."

-Father Level Bests


For the pic with the friends you'd give the world for:

"Friends are like family,""We do whatever we can for them."

-Wilma and Delroy Elliot

Wendell and Wild: Wilma and Delroy revived

(Wendell & Wild via Netflix)



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For when you can't unsee something:

"I am literally traumatized!"



For when you're particularly downtrodden:

"There's nothin' to be happy about anymore." "Don't need this kind of aggravation."

-Cassandra and Susie Jordan


For when your past can't haunt you anymore:

You've tortured me for years. But you made me a survivor! And crazy powerful!"

-Kat Elliot

Wendell and Wild: Kat confronts her past

(Wendell & Wild via Netflix)


For taking that action that's going to change things for the better:

"That future ain't gonna happen!"

-Kat Elliot


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