The Best Gifts for Anyone Obsessed With The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is an utterly iconic film, with striking visuals, memorable songs and a genius theme that makes it appropriate to watch from October through December. What's not to love?

Chances are that you have someone in your life who's downright obsessed with the movie, and we don't blame them! That also can make them super easy to shop for when the gifting season arrives. If you need a few tips, just keep scrolling to discover all of the very best The Nightmare Before Christmas gifts that money can buy.

The Happy PlannerThe Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Guided Journal Box Kit: $34.99

Want to give the gift of mindfulness, with a Nightmare Before Christmas twist? The Happy Planner allows you to do just that with this Classic Guided Journal Box Kit, with writing prompts to set goals and track habits and productivity. It also includes stickers, bookmarks and more featuring Jack, Sally and the rest of the gang to keep them on their desired path, while setting the stage for joy and success.

The Happy Planner the Nightmare Before Christmas

(via The Happy Planner)


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Roseshire Nightmare Fresh Roses: $229

Want to really spoil the fan in your life? Roseshire's stunning Nightmare Before Christmas Bouquet comes in an incredible coffin shape and holds 20 fresh roses, as well as exotic thistle, inspired by Sally's vision. It doesn't come cheap, but it's absolutely beautiful and makes for a gift they won't soon forget.

the Nightmare Before Christmas Roseshire nightmare bouquet

(via The Roseshire)


Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Merry Madness Board Game: $24.99

If The Nightmare Before Christmas is a hit with the whole friend group, why not gift someone a game you can all enjoy together? This fast-paced dice game is all about helping Jack deliver his toys on Christmas Eve by getting the presents into Sandy Claws's bag, with seriously awesome custom game pieces and dice.

the Nightmare Before Christmas Merry Madness Board Game

(via The OP)


The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Official Cookbook & Entertaining Guide: $29.99

Know something that loves Jack Skellington as much as they love throwing parties? This cookbook and entertaining guide from Simon & Schuster was practically made for them, as it's full of recipes for meals, apps, desserts, drinks and more, while including extra tips on how to present the best The Nightmare Before Christmas-themed event of all time.

the Nightmare Before Christmas cookbook

(via Simon & Schuster)


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Bones Coffee Company Ruff Weather Oatmeal Cream Pie Coffee: $17.99

Just because someone wishes they were a citizen of Halloween Town doesn't mean they want to look dead—and caffeine can definitely help. Bones Coffee Company actually has a number of coffee blends themed after the iconic movie, but we have to recommend this Ruff Weather flavor, featuring Zero on the bag and evoking an oatmeal cream pie, complete with sweet buttercream filling. Has anything ever sounded better?

the Nightmare Before Christmas bones cookie company

(via Bones Coffee Company)


Enso Rings Nightmare Before Christmas 'Love You to Death': $44.99

With their breathable and comfy silicone rings, Enso is making jewelry unlike anything else we've ever seen, and they even have official The Nightmare Before Christmas options for mega-fans. Their Love You to Death ring has to be our favorite, with the gold color making way for a silhouette of Jack and Sally on one side, and the text engraved on the other. We also think these rings are extra cute for devoted couples. If you know someone who's got the best Jack to their Sally, why not get them a matching pair?

the Nightmare Before Christmas Enso rings

(via Enso Rings)


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The Original Makeup Eraser Nightmare Before Christmas 5pc Mini Set: $25

And here's one for the makeup-lover whose least favorite part of getting dolled up is getting it all off. The Original Makeup Eraser is known for their reusable, machine-washable makeup removal cloths that can remove all kinds of makeup with just water, and these ones feature the most incredible patterns! Not only does each one last up to five years and replace 3600 makeup wipes, but they're striking enough to leave out on the counter as a bold decoration.

the Nightmare Before Christmas the original makeup eraser

(via The Original Makeup Eraser)


MeUndies Jack Skellington Romper: $50+

For the friend who'd proudly wear Jack Skellington all over, there's this adorable (and super comfy) romper from MeUndies. It's breathable and easy to wear, with pockets(!), and if you happen to think they'd like something a little different, the band also has pieces in a maroon Nightmare Before Christmas print, as well as a colorful Oogie Boogie print.

MeUndies Jack Skellington romper

(via MeUndies)


Chaser The Nightmare Before Christmas Poster Sweater: $84

With the weather getting colder as the end of the year approaches, why not gift your favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas fan something that's both darling and practical? This 100% cotton sweater is so plush and soft, while featuring one of the film's most iconic moments, with Jack singing from Spiral Hill.

Chaser The Nightmare Before Christmas poster sweater

(via Chaser)


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