6 Flat Irons That Won't Damage Your Fine Hair

Anyone with thin, fine hair knows how incredibly careful you have to be when straightening your strands.

Thankfully, there are a variety of flat irons designed to minimize the damage done to your precious locks.

Scroll down for six different straighteners designed for those with fine hair.

BaBylissPRO Keratin Straightening Iron: $60

With plates infused with keratin, this flat iron will nourish your hair as you glide the hot elements over it. Though it can achieve a temperature of more than 400 degrees, you probably don't want to crank the heat all the way up.

BaBylissPRO flat iron

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HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Flat Iron: $79.99

This straightener was designed to ensure heat is evenly distributed through your hair while in use. The best part about this iron is that you can set the temperature to an incredibly low 140 degrees so as not to cause unnecessary damage to your strands.

HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Flat Iron

(via HSI Professional)


Xtava Pro-Satin Advanced Infrared Straightener: $59

The Pro-Satin's infrared technology heats your hair from the inside out, which means it locks in moisture to prevent frizz and flyaways. The plates are a bit larger, so it may be more difficult to use on shorter hair.

Xtava Pro-Satin Advanced Infrared Straightener

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Agave Healing Vapor Iron: $149

A revolutionary iron, this tool uses agave oil vapor to straighten your hair. Your hair will be the softest it has ever been and you'll notice your split ends disappearing. It even has a super-low setting specifically designed for fine hair.

Agave Healing Vapor Iron

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Remington Shine Therapy Straightener: $127

Using Vitamin E and argan oil, Remington's Shine Therapy straightener works wonders to seal the moisture in your hair. This, in turn, reduces any heat damage.

Remington straightener

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LumaBella Cool Mist Hair Straightener: $109

Before the heat gets to your hair, this straightener coats it with a cool mist to keep your strands hydrated all day long and protect them from heat damage. The best of both worlds!

LumaBella Cool Mist Hair Straightener

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