11 Struggles You'll Understand If Your BFF Doesn't Do Social Media

Everyone and their grandma is on social media these days (literally!). But what happens when you have a bestie who is basically a ghost to the online world?

These 11 struggles prove that it's in no way easy having a BFF who doesn't do the whole social media thing.

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1. They'll never understand why you're constantly on your phone. You may be Tweeting something witty about your day out with your bestie or posting a Snapchat to your story of your fun day out, but they just see it as you ignoring them. You're really just trying to show the world how truly amazing they are though.

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2. Good luck even trying to get them onto your Snap Story. They will definitely not go for it, so you have to be extra sneaky about it. Shhh, they'll never see it anyway.

3. Taking tons and tons of pictures isn't something they particularly enjoy. They'll think the first one is fine, but you know you have to take at least 30, delete them all and then take 40 more until you find the one you can filter a bit and then post to Instagram.

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4. You actually have to remember their birthday. Not that you'd ever forget it, but in the off chance you did, Facebook or Twitter will not come to your rescue.

5. And when you want to post a sweet Insta collage with adorable pics of the two of you, they won't ever see it. Hurtful.

6. When you stumble across a hilarious post, you can't tag them in the comments. You actually have to screenshot it and send it to them. All those extra steps are just exhausting.

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7. Your FOMO means nothing to them. You may get incredibly upset when you see some of your other friends posting about hanging out together without you. They, however, can just shrug it off like it's no big deal. How do they do that?

8. While everyone else is having seven different convos on every social platform with their bestie, you two are simply just texting. It may seem boring, but you love them enough to not let it bother you.

9. When you're stalking your crush on social, you know you can never hand your social media-free friend your phone because they don't know the protocol about not liking one of your crush's photos from 72 weeks ago.

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10. They're more disapproving of friends you've met online than your parents. They don't quite understand how you would consider someone in Zimbabwe your Twitter BFF simply because they're obsessed with Demi Lovato as much as you are.

11. They'll get you away from your phone for a few hours a day. Sure that's a terrifying thought, but at least you know with a bestie who doesn't do social media and wants to be adventurous in her free time, you're in for some pretty stellar excursions.


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