In Honor of the Reunion, Here Are the Best Episodes From Every Season of Friends

Friends is officially coming back to our TV screens.

Fifteen years after the show aired its last episode, new streaming service HBO Max announced that it will include an unscripted, hour-long Friends special when it launches in May.

While the reunion will certainly be different than the original show, we still can't wait to see these beloved characters reunited once again.

In honor of their return to the small screen, keep scrolling for the best episodes from every season of Friends. 

Season 1 – 'The One Where Rachel Finds Out'

Ross and Rachel's relationship is a pivotal part of Friends. While it gets a little tired as the seasons go on, their initial back-and-forth is totally addicting. After a few failed attempts to confess his feelings for her, Rachel finally finds out that Ross is in love with her in the season one finale. Even though it doesn't work out, it's a pivotal moment that really starts their relationship. With the perfect blend of humor and romance, this episode is an absolute must-watch.


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Season 2 – 'The One With the Prom Video'

Another episode dedicated to Ross and Rachel's relationship, "The One With the Prom Video" is one of the sweetest and most recognizable moments in their long romance. In an old home video, Rachel finds out that Ross meant to escort her to prom night after her own date bailed. Rachel's date, however, shows up at the last minute, and Ross is left heartbroken and alone. Seeing how much he truly cared about her, Rachel kisses him.

Though it's not the first time Ross and Rachel kiss, it follows a long series of arguments about their relationship. Though viewers have heard that Ross was in love with Rachel for a long time, it's the first time we see evidence of how much he liked her, and for how long. This episode never fails to make us a little misty-eyed, even if their relationship hits many more obstacles as time goes on.


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Season 3 – 'The One Where No One's Ready'

This season three classic has such a simple premise. Ross is taking all six of his friends to an event at his museum, but no one seems to realize just how important the day is for him. Instead of getting ready, all the friends get caught up in petty issues as Ross grows increasingly frustrated at their antics. Plus, this episode gives us the beautiful moment when Joey waltzes into the apartment and puts his Chandler Bing impression to good use. Could this episode be any more of a classic?


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Season 4 – 'The One With the Jellyfish'

Ross and Rachel's first breakup leads to a long series of arguments about whether or not they were really on a break. At the start of season four, Rachel thinks that she could potentially forgive Ross. She writes him an 18-page letter confessing all her feelings, but Ross falls asleep while reading it. What ensues is a funny back-and-forth where Ross and Rachel are talking about completely different things. Thankfully, it culminates in Ross again screaming, "We were on a break!"

A large amount of Ross and Rachel's relationship is serious and sad. While this episode shows them breaking-up again, the split is depicted in a funny way. Whether you agree with Ross or not, you can't help but chuckle at their tired conversation, which is what makes this episode such a standout moment of the season.


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Season 5 – 'The One Where Everyone Finds Out'

While Chandler and Monica carry on a secret relationship for a while, this season five episode makes everything official. When Phoebe witnesses Chandler and Monica together, she bands together with Joey and Rachel to mess with their lying friends. Phoebe starts flirting with Chandler, but Monica realizes that she's just trying to goad them into admitting their relationship.

What ensues is an awkward back-and-forth between Chandler and Phoebe, where they both know that they don't want anything to happen, but neither is willing to back down and admit defeat. Finally, Chandler pushes Phoebe away and admits that he's in love with Monica. It's the first time either he or Monica has said the L-word, and it's painfully sweet. Paired with the humor from the rest of the episode, this installment is basically peak Friends. 


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Season 6 – 'The One With the Proposal: Part 2'

Ross and Rachel are the show's most volatile couple that keeps viewers interested, but Monica and Chandler are actually the sweeter pair. In this episode, Chandler plans to propose to his love. In an effort to throw her off the scent, however, he tells her that he never wants to get married. During that time, Monica's ex-boyfriend Richard also declares his love for her.

Chandler realizes that Monica might go back to Richard and he panics. Just when he thinks he has lost the love of his life, he enters the apartment where Monica is waiting for him, ready to propose. However, she's so emotional, she can't even get through her speech. Chandler steps in and asks the final question, and the two are finally engaged. It's not only the best episode of the season, but it's also one of the sweetest moments in the entire series.


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Season 7 – 'The One With the Holiday Armadillo'

While the later seasons of Friends don't have the magic of the first few installments, there's still plenty to love. This season seven episode is simply a fun watch that allows all our characters to be themselves. Ross wants to teach his son about their Jewish heritage, so he puts on a ridiculous holiday armadillo costume and tries to show Ben how fun a year without Santa can be. The result is hilarious interaction where Ross really pushes the magic of the holiday armadillo. He manages to bring both traditions together in the end, but it certainly makes for a memorable episode.


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Season 8 – 'The One With The Rumor'

Brad Pitt as a guest star? Yes, please! This season eight episode of Friends is one that you can watch again and again, without getting tired of it. At the time of filming, Brad and Jennifer were totally in love. However, Brad's character in the episode, Will, hates Rachel's guts. He didn't like her in high school, and he wants her to know how terrible he thinks she is. Not only is it fun to see this couple interact onscreen, it also makes for a pretty hilarious and memorable episode. We wouldn't join the "I Hate Rachel Green" club, but we might be convinced to attend a few meetings if Brad Pitt is the founder.


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Season 9 – 'The One With Rachel's Other Sister'

Another episode with a glowing guest star, this season nine classic welcomes Christina Applegate to the Friends cast temporarily. She plays Amy, Rachel's sister. This is yet another Thanksgiving episode, which is always a favorite in the world of Friends. Amy basically succeeds in making everything terrible and bringing up plenty of arguments between these close pals. At the end of the day, however, the friends always manage to band together and celebrate one another. This episode is a good mix of sentimental and funny, a combination that's slightly lacking in season nine.


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Season 10 – 'The One Where Ross Is Fine'

Friends is filled with deeply romantic moments. For all the beautiful relationships, however, it's still meant to be a funny sitcom. That's why "The One Where Ross Is Fine" is undoubtedly the best episode of season 10. In this installment, Ross finds out that Rachel and Joey are seeing each other. To prove that he's totally okay, he invites his friends over for dinner.

Unfortunately, the night devolves as Ross falls apart. From giving a totally nonsensical speech about love to burning his hand on a plate of fajitas, there's so much to keep you laughing in this episode. It's not as sweet or sentimental as later episodes, but it's an all-time favorite from the entire series.


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