We've Tried a Million Hand Sanitizers, But These Ones Are the Best

We've tried a million hand sanitizers (okay, maybe a little less than that) in the last year.

And for the most part, they're all the same. You're either left with something that smells great but doesn't work, or something that smells disgusting but gets the job done. We were on the hunt for that little space in between, where it smells good and works. And guess what? We found some! Keep scrolling for the best hand sanitizers.

Bath & Body Works Pineapple Coconut Hand Sanitizer Spray: $6.50

Bath & Body Works has been our go-to brand for hand sani since we were probably in middle school, and to this day we still love it! We're especially into their pineapple coconut scent, which is made with aloe and essential oils. But our favorite part has to be the spray option—for some reason, they're just more fun that way!

curie white tea hand sanitizer

(via Bath & Body Works)


Touchland Power Mist Lavender: $12

Touchland not only makes great products, but their packaging is so sleek and chic. It's the Tesla of hand sanitizers. We're especially loving their lavender scent, which is made with aloe vera and all sorts of essential oils. Plus, after spritzing this, your hands will feel super soft and hydrated—it's a win-win!

touchland lavender hand sanitizer

(via Touchland)


OLIKA Clip-On Charcoal Hand Sanitizer: $14.99

Since hand sanitizer goes with us everywhere, we were stoked when we were sent this clip-on one from OLIKA! Just clip it on your purse or even loop it on your jeans and you're good to go. What we love about this hand sanitizer when it comes to the ingredients is that it's made with glycerin and aloe vera, the stuff that leaves your skin feeling soft!

olika charcoal hand sanitizer

(via OLIKA)


Every Man Jack Sea Salt Hand Sanitizer: $8

There's just something so refreshing and relaxing when it comes to sea salt, don't you think? This sea salt-scented hand sani from Every Man Jack is perfect for those who want a lighter, more subtle smell. Made with coconut oil, sea minerals and coconut, your hands will be left feeling super smooth and bacteria-free!

every man jack sea salt hand sanitizer

(via Every Man Jack)


Curie White Tea Hydrating Hand Sanitizer: $8

With powerhouse ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin and prickly pear seed oil, you just know this hand sanitizer from Curie will work wonders. We're loving the small pump that dispenses gel, but more importantly, your hands won't be left smelling like pure alcohol, rather, a lovely floral, spa-like scent!

curie white tea hand sanitizer

(via Curie Bod)


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