Whether your dad‘s a total homebody or simply considers his home his sanctuary away from the world, thoughtful, homey pieces can make the ultimate gifts for Father’s Day.

With Father’s Day on June 18 this year, it’s going to be here before we know it. Looking to do some last-minute shopping for dad? Check out these incredible home and decor gifts that are sure to impress this holiday.

Aura Carver Picture Frame: $149

Aura’s innovative slideshow picture frames make an ideal gift for just about anyone, but especially shutterbug dads and those who especially cherish the moments shared with friends and family. The Carver has a subtly classic 10-inch frame that’ll look great anywhere, with a 1280 x 800 HD display and app connectivity so that he can pick all of his favorite images himself or share with others for sweet surprises, making this a gift that keeps on giving.

Aura Carver Picture Frame

(via Aura)


Lectrofan EVO: $49.95

Any dad who sometimes struggles to fall asleep (and stay asleep) can benefit from a fantastic white noise machine like the LectroFan EVO. In addition to generating realistic fan sounds, it also offers other types of white noise such as ocean sounds, which quiet the brain and keep out obtrusive noises, helping with everything from focus and relaxation to rest. Plus, if dad’s a snorer, this baby can do wonders to help the rest of the house get a good night’s sleep, too.

Lectrofan EVO

(via LectroFan)


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Courant Catch:3 Leather Wireless Charging Pad: $175

If your dad is anything like ours, his nightstand gets all kinds of cluttered, and the charging cable for his phone certainly doesn’t help. Courant’s Catch:3 Leather Wireless Charging Pad is here to help, acting as a piece of striking decor while also being a wireless charger and organizing tray. It makes the perfect resting place for his phone at night while other keeping his other essentials neat and tidy, in one easy-to-find place.

Courant Catch:3 Leather Wireless Charging Pad

(via Patet)


Gentlemen’s Hardware Fish Enamel Mug: $24

Dads truly can never have enough mugs, and once yours tries out this Fish Enamel Mug from Gentlemen’s Hardware, he’ll want to order even more. It’s built to be light yet rugged, made with lightweight steel coated with enamel for temperature regulation as well as durability, in case he does want to bring it with him on a hiking or camping trip. Plus, who could resist the fishy pattern?

Gentlemen's Hardware Fish Enamel Mug

(via Gentlemen’s Hardware)


Material Angled Cutting Board: $95

Any dad who prides himself on his culinary abilities needs Material’s Angled Cutting Board in his life. These wooden cutting boards are designed for aesthetics as well as durability, and they’re as beautiful as they are functional. It also has one smooth side and one grooved side, enabling smooth cutting for any type of meal.

Material Angled Cutting Board

(via Material)


Our Home Cast Iron Perfect Pot: $175

And to take his cooking prowess to even greater heights, there’s the Cast Iron Perfect Pot from Our Home. This unique and modern Dutch oven does it all, from deep frying to simmering, searing and baking bread, making it the ultimate versatile implement for the dad who doesn’t love juggling loads of pots and pans. It even comes with a beechwood scraper and silicone grips.

Our Home Cast Iron Perfect Pot

(via Our Home)


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STNKY Washable Laundry Bag: $28

Some dads are more active than others, and whether yours is a fitness fanatic or someone who works up a sweat on the job, he’ll definitely benefit from a Washable Laundry Bag from STNKY. They’re designed specifically to keep gym or work clothes and shoes separate from his clean stuff, trapping germs and sweat odor. Plus, the bag can be thrown right into the washer and dryer, with everything inside, making it easier than ever to get stinky clothes clean.

STNKY Washable Laundry Bag

(via STNKY)


DW Home Refined Black Rose and Oud: $20

For the dad who can’t resist a good candle, DW Home has tons of great options with masculine containers and strong scents, but we’re especially drawn to this Black Rose and Oud option. The black vessel is sleek and simple, while the scent it gives off combines the woodsy incense of black oud with floral notes of black rose, jasmine and tuberose to create something he’ll want to burn every day until it’s gone.

DW Home Refined Black Rose and Oud

(via DW Home)


Pura Kenneth Cole Set: $83

Dads who love a great-smelling space will also adore this Pura Kenneth Cole Set, consisting of an app-controlled air freshener and two different Kenneth Cole signature scents. He can set the timing and schedule to alternate between the bergamot, fig, sandalwood and musk-infused Go-Figure and the citrus, tea and spearmint-scented Aim to Tease, customizing the scent experience to his needs.

Pura Kenneth Cole Set

(via Pura)


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Hotel Collection Studio Scent Diffuser: $179.97

And for those who are truly serious about scent, there’s the Hotel Collection Studio Scent Diffuser, designed to make any space smell exactly like his favorite five-star hotel. It makes use of innovative cold-air diffusion tech, transforming fragrance oil into a fine mist that stays suspended longer and covers a room better than other methods, scenting up to 400 square feet. The diffuser itself is sleek and stylish, and with Hotel Collection offering scents including Cabana (inspired by The Ritz Carlton) and 24K Magic (inspired by W Hotels), he’ll never tire of its inviting fragrances.

Hotel Collection Studio Scent Diffuser

(via Hotel Collection)


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