The 6 Best K-Pop Tracks of January 2023

2023 kicked off with a bang as the new year rang in a new set of amazing K-pop tracks.

Last month, we jammed out to SM's latest supergroup, GOT the beat, as well as newcomers NewJeans and so many more. We already have a strong feeling this will be yet another show-stopping year for K-pop.

As we enter another great year, we can't wait to see what type of sounds we'll resonate with next. But for now, take a look at our favorite tracks of January 2023.

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'Daydream' by MONSTA X

The way MONSTA X's "Daydream" starts off with silky smooth vocals before its slight beat drop gets our hearts racing. Its second beat drop kicks off a shift making way for another strength for the group—their rap line. We immediately knew this would be a certified hit, and believe this is one of MONSTA X's best songs of all time.


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'OMG' by NewJeans

Just because they have "new" in their name doesn't mean NewJeans isn't here to stay. If you're a K-pop lover who hasn't heard "OMG" by now, where have you been? Seriously—this upbeat dance bop is exactly what we need in 2023 and should definitely be on your radar.


'Stamp On It' by GOT the beat

When you put together a group of SM's powerhouse female idols, you get something truly magical. "Stamp On It" is one of the most unusual K-pop songs we've heard in a while—the type that doesn't follow the typical formula—and we absolutely love it. Each member of GOT the beat gets her moment, which makes for a perfectly well-rounded track that showcases the best of the best of their talents.


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'Ponytail' by

GOT7's YUGYEOM's vocals shine like no other in this track, with both his higher and lower registers put on impressive display. The underlying message of love in the lyrics adds to our own love of the song, making it a must-listen.


'Cotton Candy' by JINYOUNG

And YUGYEOM wasn't the only member of GOT7 wowing us with a solo release in January. JINYOUNG also had us swooning with "Cotton Candy," with crisp, romantic vocals that bring the song's sweet vibe to life. We especially love his flawless "oohs," with an angelic sound that wouldn't feel out of place at the gates of heaven.


'Madness' by MOONBIN&SANHA

Last month ASTRO duo MOONBIN&SANHA gave us the electrifying "Madness," and we haven't taken it off replay. The two members complement each other well, going back and forth with perfectly contrasting singing styles. But one thing remains the same—no matter who's singing, we are hooked.


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