2020's Best New and Original Holiday Songs to Get You Right in the Festive Spirit

Say what you will about 2020, but it's been an incredible year for music.

Despite everything going on in the world, the best artists haven't slowed down in creating stunning melodies and songs that speak straight to our hearts. And, with winter rapidly approaching, they haven't let us down in the holiday department, either.

In fact, we feel like this year has resulted in more fabulous original holiday tracks than ever. Don't believe us? Keep scrolling to listen to all of our favorite new festive tunes from 2020.


BTS – 'Dynamite (Holiday Remix)'

Don't think that BTS's "Dynamite" is a Christmas track? Think again. All it takes is a few jingly sleigh bells and a horn section to transform the worldwide J-pop hit into the ultimate holiday track, and with the help from a video all about celebrating with the boys, we're completely obsessed.


Twenty One Pilots – 'Christmas Saves the Year'

2020 has not been an easy year. Twenty One Pilots knows this well, and their new holiday classic perfectly encapsulates the emotions of this unique holiday season. With lyrics including, "But everybody wants to make it home this year even if the world is crumblin' down," it's a soothing reminder that the holidays will come every year, and that they matter, no matter what.


Mxg – 'Thank God It's Christmas'

Couldn't figure out the name of that super catchy new Christmas track featured in The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again? It's called "Thank God It's Christmas" and it's by producer Michael Blum and L.A. singer-songwriter Greisun, known collectively as mxg. It's bouncy, upbeat and makes you feel like a holiday romance of your own might be right around the corner.


SM6 – 'Light Up Like a Christmas Tree'

If you're dreaming of someone special this holiday season, we think you're going to relate hard to SM6's new Christmas track "Light Up Like a Christmas Tree." With its twinkly, angelic sound and romantic lyrics, it hits very close to home. Watching the music video makes us feel like the holidays are already here.


Daveed Diggs – 'Puppy for Hanukkah'

December isn't only Christmas season. At the moment, Chanukah is also in full swing, and this new hip-hop track by Daveed Diggs is a fun celebration of the Jewish holiday. Even if you don't celebrate Chanukah, it's going to get so stuck in your head, revealing that Disney made the perfect choice when they cast Daveed as Sebastian in the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.


Mandy Moore – 'How Could This Be Christmas?"

Leave it to Mandy Moore to completely break our hearts with her music. This soulful and somewhat mysterious-sounding new song is about celebrating a lonely Christmas apart from the people you love. It's bittersweet and slightly somber, yet totally beautiful, and we think a lot of people will be blasting this one this year for various reasons.



Gigi Vega – 'Mistletoe Kiss'

If you're looking for something more upbeat and danceable to listen to this season, look no further than Gigi Vega's super catchy "Mistletoe Kiss." This celebratory and romantic song wonderfully captures the longing of wanting someone who's not yet yours while also feeling appropriately festive.


Jonas Brothers – 'I Need You Christmas'

One listen to this new holiday track by the Jonas Brothers and you'll feel like you've known it your whole life. There's something warming and nostalgic about the way this song is sung. It feels so traditional, and the video features Jonas family photos and classic video footage of Christmases past to drive that emotion home.


Kandle – 'Christmas Mourn'

It's important to remember that you don't have to feel bright and happy all of the time—and that includes Christmas. Kandle's "Christmas Mourn" is a song about nursing a broken heart during the holidays. In spite of the melancholy lyrics, it's another one that feels so cozy and familiar that it has the potential to become an instant classic.


Shenna – 'Angel on the Tree'

Shenna's "Angel on the Tree" blends holiday music traditions with modern jazz and R&B to create something festive yet easy to dance to. Featuring the singer's powerful vocals, it's a soulful ode to the incredible people we lost this year, and a reminder that those who are gone continue to live on in our hearts.


Meghan Trainor – 'I Believe in Santa'

Meghan Trainor is known for her bold and buoyant energy, and you shouldn't expect anything less from this Christmas track. Her signature style is fully on display here, backed by a holiday message we can definitely get behind. And with JoJo Siwa dancing in the video, you're not going to find more Christmas spirit anywhere else.


JoJo Siwa – 'It's Christmas Now!"

Didn't get enough of JoJo Siwa with the last track? This video has even more dancing, more giant sweet treats and more tinsel, glitter and color to give you your fill. It's a straightforward song about all of the best things about the holiday season, and honestly? The set looks like it was one magical place to be.


Olivia Rox – 'It's Christmastime'

With its smooth jazz saxophone song and Mariah Carey-esque vocals, "It's Christmastime" by Olivia Rox feels like a throwback in the best way. It's epic, energetic and so much fun, and we think it has the potential to be a staple at holiday parties and events—once the world gets back to normal, that is.


Amanda Kate – 'Timeless Joy, Oh Holy Night'

This unique track is special because of what it means to the singer. The original holiday song was written by Amanda Kate's mother when she was just 12. Many years later, it's a stunning remembrance of her mom, who recently passed. With a gorgeous arrangement and powerful vocals, you can feel what it means to her, and we think it's an instant and timeless classic.


Cody Belew – 'Hang Your Hat on My Christmas Tree'

Not every holiday track is also something you can line dance to. That's what's so special about Cody Belew's "Hang Your Hat on My Christmas Tree." The song is as stirring as it is playful and flirtatious, with a country rock sound it's easy to fall in love with.



Garry LeVox – 'Christmas Will Be Different This Year'

We're not surprised to see that a number of this year's new holiday songs are touching on what celebrating Christmas in 2020 is like for people around the country. Garry LeVox's take is among the most touching. This one is all about missing your family and loved ones during the holidays, but being sure to carry on all of the traditions they taught you. We think that's a beautiful thing.



Earcandy – 'Intro (Christmas From the Heart)'

Earcandy is one of our favorite new a capella groups, consisting of 11 incredible young people who met on TikTok. While their new An Earcandy Christmas double album is mostly an album of holiday covers, its gorgeous intro track is all new. It's the perfect opening to getting to know the group and their talents. Just listen to those voices soar.


Dolly Parton – 'Christmas Is' ft. Miley Cyrus

Is it really Christmas without amazing new music from Dolly Parton? This new collaboration between Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus just feels like beloved family coming together to create something great. It's beautiful and heartwarming, with a country flair that makes it feel so homey. It's about the true meaning of Christmas, and how whether you have it all or you don't, you can live the season to its fullest with the help of the people you care about


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