What a month it’s beenwe’ve had stellar music releases from BTS’ SUGA, Ellie Goulding and Post Malone; two action-packed weekends of Coachella and the annual return of the CMT Music Awards.

But the celebration isn’t over yet. We’re closing out the final week of April with a cathartic single from Niall Horan, a funky, jazz-inspired tune from Jackson Wang and a fete of sisterhood by The Aces. And, look forward to the thrilling freshman and sophomore drops from MTV host Kevan Kenney’s band Big Trash and country newcomer Jaylee Gandy.

Below, Sweety High offers a comprehensive guide to 10 exciting new releases from this week, from fresh faces to industry heavyweights.

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1. Niall Horan Extends a Helping Hand on ‘Meltdown’

If you’ve been following Niall Horan since his One Direction days, you’ll understand how meaningful his new single, “Meltdown,” is. Following the release of “Heaven,” Niall’s latest track promises his presence, even when life gets rough.

This folk-pop jam contains a hypnotic drumline and electric guitar as Niall confidently declares, “I’m tellin’ you now, tellin’ you now/ When it all melts down, I’ll be there,” in the chorus. It’s a hopeful promise to those who have supported the singer for the past decade and perhaps a signal of growth in his mental health journey.

Reflecting on the single, Niall revealed on Twitter that “Meltdown” is “about that panicky moment of feeling a little bit anxious and not sure if you’re going to get out but knowing deep down that you will.”


2. Jackson Wang Is Ready to Pounce With Animalistic New Single, ‘Cheetah’

Jackson Wang is no longer the Magic Man. On April 24, the K-pop veteran transformed into a primitive casanova in his cheeky latest single, “Cheetah,” hunting for his cheating lover.

Jackson’s release follows his haunting set at Coachella. During the first weekend, Jackson was joined on stage by R&B singer Ciara for a sensual performance of their new collaboration, “Slow.” Both “Cheetah” and “Slow” will appear in the sequel to the Hong Kong native’s wildly successful 2022 effort, Magic Man, appropriately titled Magic Man 2.


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3. Jason Derulo Reminisces About Young Love in ‘Glad U Came’

Jason Derulo has long reigned as the king of love songs with notable hits “Marry Me,” “Take You Dancing” and “Want to Want Me.” His newest track, “Glad U Came,” adds a new staple to his monster discography as he chronicles the highs of a whirlwind relationship over his signature booming bassline and soft electric guitar strums.

Chatting about the single, Jason Derulo said: “‘Glad U Came’ is a beautiful love story about the power of destiny. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever done.”


4. Jhayco Woos the Girl of His Dreams With ‘Mami Chula’

Reggaeton singer Jhayco is touted as the leader of the next generation of Latin singers for good reason—the 30-year-old singer has consistently been praised for his unique fusion of reggaeton and Latin trap, leads the Billboard Latin charts and has a co-sign from Bad Bunny.

On his newest offering, “Mami Chula,” Jhayco teams up with Spanish rapper Quevedo to live out their “true rockstar” lifestyle as they serenade the it-girl of a party over a classic, effervescent reggaeton beat.


5. How the Aces Championed Sisterhood With ‘I’ve Loved You for So Long’

If there is one thing that The Aces agree on when it comes to their career, it’s that they’re more like a sisterhood than colleagues. Sure, siblings Cristal and Alisa Ramirez might be related, but guitarists McKenna Petty and Katie Henderson are their chosen family. Their latest single, “I’ve Loved You for So Long,” is an ode to what they’ve built together.

Originally, the track was a nostalgic love song before the quartet realized that the real love of their lives was one another. “It’s a labor of love over so many years. There’s been so much change of identity, ups and downs, growing apart and together and apart. I feel like it’s one of the most sacred relationships in my life,” Cristal explained in a conversation with Sweety High.


6. EPEX Continues the Prelude of Love Saga With the ‘Growing Pains’ Chapter

Breakups are difficult, but as EPEX proves in their new EP, sometimes they remind us that love is worth fighting for, singing, “Don’t go away/ I can’t let you go/ Let’s make it right.”

In a press release, EPEX’s leader WISH detailed, “Our trembling and anticipating hearts have become clearer,” while BAEKSEUNG disclosed the group’s excitement and dedication put into the project: “We hope that ZENITH will look forward to us as much as we prepared with love and hard work.”


7. Sara Kays and Anson Seabra Mourns Broken Relationships on ‘Miss Me the Same’

After both opening up for Alec Benjamin on his last tour, Sara Kays and Anson Seabra might be the pair of the century. This week, the duo united to traverse the most painful stage of a breakup: realizing how much of yourself a person took up. No longer able to listen to their favorite songs and travel through unsuspecting neighborhoods, Sara and Anson question whether the heartbreak affects the other person just as much.

Discussing the song’s meaning, Anson said, “It’s […] about being on the other side of a breakup and feeling like there’s still something there. That vague but potent feeling that maybe on some nights your ex is somewhere looking up at the moon thinking of you too.”


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8. Joy Oladokun Feels Human on Proof of Life

On Proof of Life, Black queer musician Joy Oladokun lives her truth. She gets existential as she contemplates life after death while coming to terms with her insecurities. At least in the end, she knows things will turn out okay.

Joy saw this album as evidence of her presence in society and strives to tell people they aren’t alone in those dark thoughts. “I start making music because I wasn’t hearing from the ‘everyday human being’ on the radio. I hope this resonates with anybody who feels normal and needs a little musical boost to get through the day,” she shared in a press statement.


9. MTV Host Kevan Kenney Forges a New Path With Nu-Metal Band BIG TRASH

Kevan Kenney might have made a name for himself interviewing artists on MTV Fresh Out, but with BIG TRASH, he’s ready to become a musician of his own.

In an exclusive statement to Sweety High, Kevan Kenney said, “For our first single, it was important for BIG TRASH to write a song that could bring the whole world together as one. Everybody likes money. You, me, our parents, our grandparents. Our great-grandparents probably liked money. Whether you’re getting paid or trying to make ends meet, you can throw on ‘PAY DAY,’ and for two and a half minutes, your pockets, bank account and heart are all full.”

With “PAY DAY,” BIG TRASH utilizes flashy Y2K aesthetics and screamo techniques reminiscent of early 2000s crunkcore leaders 3OH!3 and Brokencyde to innovatively revive and modernize metal.


10. Jaylee Gandy Honors Her High School Years With ‘Down the Road’

Jaylee Gandy is country music’s breath of fresh air. The soon-to-be high school graduate dropped her sophomore single, “Down the Road,” to commemorate this closing chapter of adolescence. “All I know is I’ll never say goodbye/ I’ll just tell you that I’ll see you down the road,” Jaylee pledges.

Lubbock, Texas, native Jaylee is credited as the main songwriter on “Down the Road” and her debut single, “Hand Me Downs.” Outside of making music, Jaylee is a huge animal lover and enjoys going to local livestock shows.


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