10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of July 8, 2022

We're smack-dab in the middle of summer, and somehow, our favorite artists keep turning up the heat week with every subsequent music release.

From rising faves like RYMAN and Denitia to all-time greats Brent Faiyaz and John Legendeveryone was bringing their A-game this week, and the rest of us get to bask in their most luscious new tunes. Want to know what we're loving from the past seven days? Keep scrolling to discover the 10 biggest things that happened in music the week of July 8, 2022.

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1. RYMAN Longs for Lost Love in 'Best I Ever Had'

Rising artist RYMAN is best known for his smooth sounds and honest lyricism, and he puts all of his talents on full display on his new track, "Best I Ever Had." It's a track about reflecting on a relationship from the past, missing your ex and hoping it's not too late to salvage things, and we think a lot of people will be able to relate. Plus, no one does music videos quite like RYMAN, so be sure to watch it all the way through to see its entire hilarious goldfish heist.


2. Denitia Lives for the Moment With 'All the Sweet Tea'

Denitia is an incredible artist who's masterfully tackled everything from alt-R&B to country music, and we've especially been loving the folksy new tracks from her upcoming album, Highways. Her latest is "All the Sweet Tea," a gentle but impassioned track about living your truth for the present that's about to become a road trip staple. "I was thinking about how quickly a moment in life passes," Denitia told Sweety High in an interview. "Time is always moving right along. There is so much in the world to see and experience and there is also so much beauty in a simple moment right where you are."


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3. Olivia Penalva Finds Self-Compassion Through Love in 'You Love It'

Olivia Penalva is another up-and-comer with a powerful approach to songwriting, penning tracks that expose the deepest parts of herself, and her new song "You Love It" is one that will strike a chord with many listeners. The R&B-tinged pop track is all about being your own worst critic, and how sometimes, having someone that loves every part of you can teach you to love yourself. "I think it's really easy to be hard on ourselves," Olivia explained in a press release, "and in doing that, we tend to forget that other people are capable of loving the parts of ourselves that we hate the most. We convince ourselves that it's not possible and that we aren't good enough. But there is someone out there for everyone and hopefully that person can show you just how wonderful you really are."


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4. SG Lewis Drops a Double-Whammy With 'Missing You' and 'Something About Your Love'

English singer-songwriter and producer SG Lewis never gives anything but his all, and that really shows in this week's release of back-to-back singles, "Missing You" and "Something About Your Love." Both tracks are bold and danceable, and while it's hard to pick a fave, we're really digging "Something About Your Love" at the moment. "It's no secret I'm a massive Daft Punk fan," SG shared of the track in a press release. "It's the closest thing I've ever made to a tribute to them. I was listening to Discovery a lot, and there's a specific technique to it. I chopped up the sample of these '70s keys and drums. It came together easily. Lyrically, It's a pure confession of admiration for someone. It's the perfect contrast to 'Missing You.'"


5. Madeline the Person Makes the Best Choice for Herself in 'Why I Broke Up With You'

Breakups are rarely easy—even when you're the person whose choice it is to break up. Madeline the Person has recently gone viral with her delicate yet raw confessional tracks, and in "Why I Break Up With You," she shares all of the feelings of abandonment and pain that make up the reasons she left. "I want this song to act as a comfort for people who have similar trauma," Madeline explained in a press release. "A reminder that you aren't the only one stuck in the loneliness of a vacant loved one due to substances. A reminder to set healthy boundaries for yourself to protect your mental health and your peace."


6. Hope Tala Knows What She's Fighting for in 'Is It Enough'

English singer-songwriter Hope Tala never holds back in her melodic and gorgeously vocalized tracks, and in her new song "Is It Enough," she digs into the change she'd love to see and create in the world, fighting for the rights of human beings, while wondering if it'll ever be enough. It's a song about hope and cautious optimism, and that's a message we can fully get behind. "There's a lot going on in the world, and I've felt compelled to explore some of it in my writing," Hope shared in a press release. "Ultimately, I'm interrogating my own optimism—the strength of my belief in humanity and the power of love—in the face of all this horror."


7. Baby Queen Reminds Us to Live Authentically in 'Nobody Really Cares'

When Alexis from Schitt's Creek told David, "People aren't thinking about you the way that you're thinking about you," that really stuck with us—and now we have an anthem to back the sentiment. South African singer-songwriter Baby Queen just dropped the infectious "Nobody Really Cares," an ode to remind us to just be ourselves, because honestly, people are so wrapped up in themselves that unless they already care about you, they aren't paying that much attention. "'Nobody Really Cares' is about realizing it's okay to be yourself and do exactly what makes you happy, because people are selfish in nature and only have so much space inside their brains reserved for you," Baby Queen explained in a press release. "I think it's really liberating to know that nobody cares about your self-expression as much as you sometimes think they do, so filtering yourself to please them is pointless."


8. Zoe Wees Is the Other Woman in Her Own Relationship With 'Third Wheel'

German singer-songwriter Zoe Wees's emotional storytelling never fails to get us right in the heart, and her new single "Third Wheel," is one of her most evocative and heartrending yet. It's a song about feeling like a third wheel within your own relationship because your partner is still in love with their ex, and even if you've never been in a similar situation, you'll feel the power of her hurt in every note. "It's so awkwardly heartbreaking to be the third wheel in any relationship," Zoe explained. "Although this song's meaning comes from a really tough moment in my own life, I hope this song will make some people reminisce about their own similar experiences as times when they learned to grow."


9. Brent Faiyaz Drops Sophomore Album, Wasteland

Brent Faiyaz fans rejoice, because the singer-songwriter just dropped his second album, featuring 19 stunning tracks, and it's everything we could have hoped for, and more. With tracks featuring the likes of Drake, Tyler, The Creator, Steve Lacy, Alicia Keys, Raphael Saadiq and Tre Amanithis is one star-studded album, with incredible songs examining the way fame and riches change people. It's a big departure from his debut, Sonder Son, in all the right ways.


10. John Legend and Muni Long Join Forces for Sultry New Single 'Honey'

John Legend and Muni Long's new song "Honey" is one of the steamiest singles we've heard all year, and you can bet we're going to be hearing this one everywhere. We can't get enough of the old-school beat, and the chemistry between the two soaring singers on the track is unbeatable, with an undeniable fieriness.


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