How Olivia Penalva Took Control of Her Self-Image With New Single 'Judge Away'

Prepare yourself, because we're positive we're about to be hearing Olivia Penalva's gorgeous and empowering new single "Judge Away" all over TikTok.

The rising Canadian star has already proven herself a viral sensation on the platform, and "Judge Away," with its lyrics about rising above the criticism to define how you love yourself, is primed to be another hit that really resonates. We know that Olivia is going to go far, and we got the chance to chat with her to discover precisely how the song came to be.

The Story Behind 'Judge Away'

Olivia Penalva: I wrote "Judge Away" because I realized that no matter what you do in life, people are going to judge you. And as much as it hurts and is sometimes unfortunate, I wrote it as a reminder that we get to choose how to deal with that judgment. That instead of letting it tear us down, we can shut it out and love who we are. You can't let the negative opinions of others outshine the things that make you special.


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What 'Judge Away' Means

OP: I think the biggest thing I want people to take from this song is that they have value beyond how they look. I want them to remember to not let someone else's words change the way they see themselves because that is the most important part. Writing this song really forced me to practice what I was preaching and be kinder to myself. It's for anyone who's ever felt judged or misunderstood and I hope it can help them to see how wonderful they are.


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Olivia's Favorite Lyric

OP: My favorite lyric from the song is, "But isn't that what life is meant for, to teach you to be tough till it don't hurt no more"—I think a big reality of growing up and becoming an adult is realizing that it's not all rainbows and butterflies. Life is harder. You're exposed to a lot more judgment and it's easy to be hard on yourself because of that. I love this line because every time I hear it, it reminds me of growing pains. That every obstacle or judgment that hurt me has been a learning lesson to make me stronger and more confident in who I am.


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