10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of June 24, 2022

It's officially summertime, and we think the feelings of freedom and joy are definitely in the air, because this week's new musical releases are something else.

From rising artists like Tafari Anthony and Avery Lynch to some of the biggest artists in the world, including Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, everyone was on top of their game, making it harder than ever to pick our 10 faves. Curious about what we loved? Keep scrolling to discover the 10 biggest things that happened in music the week of June 24, 2022.

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1. Tafari Anthony Explores the Pain of a Broken Relationship in I'm Sure you Meant Well Dual Single

We weren't familiar with Canadian R&B singer-songwriter Tafari Anthony before this week, but thanks to his new dual single I'm Sure You Meant Well, we're instant fans. Including new tracks "Replay" and "Where's My Apology?" it chronicles two different points in a broken relationship. "Sometimes good intentions aren't enough and can leave you hurt or seeking more answers," Tafari explained in a press release."I'm Sure You Meant Well is a coupled single featuring 'Replay,' which addresses that moment a relationship starts to go astray, and 'Where's My Apology?' which begs the question of its namesake."


2. Avery Lynch Gives a Heartfelt Apology in 'i'm sorry if i hurt u sometimes'

Sometimes, the hardest part of a breakup is knowing you've hurt the other person, and singer-songwriter Avery Lynch tackles that subject in her stunning new single "i'm sorry if i hurt u sometimes." It's a sincere apology from the point of view of someone who ended a relationship, knowing it was for the best while acknowledging the pain they caused. "'i'm sorry if i hurt u sometimes' is about a relationship I was in throughout high school and into college," Avery explained in an interview with Sweety High. "As the relationship was ending I felt so bad about taking away the future he planned with me because that was also the future he planned for himself and I ruined that. At the end of the relationship, I felt irritated by him all the time, and I touch on that in the first verse of the song because that was the first thing that made me realize I needed to end it. But I don't know if I hurt him in the process of figuring that out. I might've, and I'm sorry if I did. That's essentially what the song is—an apology for all of the potential hurt I may have caused."


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3. EKKSTACY Contemplates a Broken Heart in 'I Guess'

We can't get enough of Canadian alt-rock artist EKKSTACY and his chill, dreamy sound, and he's never been better than on his new single, "I Guess." The track will be featured on Pigeons & Planes' SEE YOU NEXT YEAR compilation album, featuring 10 songs from up-and-coming artists who truly deserve the spotlight. On the track, EKKSTACY's soothing voice guides us through a tale of falling for someone new as you're getting over someone else, and knowing it might be wisest to keep your heart guarded.


4. Aidan Bissett Falls for the Right Person at the Right Time in 'Twenty Something'

19-year-old indie-alt artist Aidan Bissett has such a way with words, and some of the most irresistible sounds around, and they come together in perfect harmony on the new track "Twenty Something." With its summery, upbeat sound, it's about falling madly in love with someone but not pursuing it, knowing that at the present moment, it's just not meant to be. "'Twenty Something' was inspired by falling for someone but realizing that, at this moment in time, it would never work out," Aidan shared in a press release. "So instead of following those feelings, you push it off in hopes it may work in the future."


5. Tai Verdes Gets Extra Romantic in 'sheluvme'

Looking for a new summer anthem about that special kind of love? Look no further than Tai Verdes's "sheluvme," an effervescent and feel-good track about the kind of love that makes all of your days brighter. "'sheluvme' is a song I made about my best friend," Tai said in a press released. "I think it's really beautiful how I can be reminded in all these different ways about what this person does to me, even though the song is only two minutes and 31 seconds and can't fully capture all the emotions I have. It's nice to give a little taste."


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6. Mike Posner and PmBata Remix the Viral Hit 'i hate her boyfriend's face'

PmBata's reflective and self-deprecating "i hate her boyfriend's face" went viral on TikTok after its release last month, catching the attention of some big names, including Mike Posner. Today, the duo teamed up for an official remix of the track, featuring two different perspectives on the relationship, each with their own fresh and vulnerable perspective that makes us adore the track even more. "'i hate her boyfriend's face' is about coming to the realization I was dependent on someone else loving me to compensate for the fact that I didn't love myself," PmBata shared in a press release. It's something we can all learn a little something from.


7. beabadoobee Stuns in Live Video for '10:36′

beabadoobee'Beatopia is one of our most anticipated albums of the year, and as we're counting down the days until its release on July 15, we're thrilled to get a taste with the new live music video for "10:36." With its laid-back pop-rock sound, it's a song about complicated feelings, dependencies and the desire to keep someone around, even when you know they don't love you quite the way you love them. This live performance is practically flawless, and quintessentially Bea.


8. Conan Gray Gets More Personal Than Ever on Sophomore Album superache

There's a good reason Conan Gray is a platinum-selling singer-songwriter, and his sophomore album Superache dives deeper into his own personal demons and anxieties, as well as the way he sees the world. His music has never been rawer. We're especially loving the song "Disaster," with '80s synths and a drum beat befitting an epic movie montage, and lyrics about overthinking telling someone how you feel about them and convincing yourself not to speak up.


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9. Taylor Swift Drops 'Carolina' for the Film Where the Crawdads Sing

We were not expecting Taylor Swift to drop a gorgeous new track out of nowhere this week, but we couldn't have expected anything better than "Carolina." It's on the soundtrack for the upcoming film Where the Crawdads Sing, which drops in July, with a haunting, soulful sound and a powerfully painted narrative that will keep you riveted from start to finish. "About a year and half ago I wrote a song about an incredible story, the story of a girl who always lived on the outside, looking in. Figuratively and literally," Taylor shared in a press release. "The juxtaposition of her loneliness and independence. Her longing and her stillness. Her curiosity and fear, all tangled up. Her persisting gentleness… and the world's betrayal of it. I wrote this one alone in the middle of the night and then Aaron Dessner and I meticulously worked on a sound that we felt would be authentic to the moment in time when this story takes place. I made a wish that one day you would hear it."


10. Beyoncé Releases an Anthem of Pure Strength With 'BREAK MY SOUL'

There was no question that Beyoncé has always had an unbreakable spirit, but her new single, "BREAK MY SOUL" puts the sentiment into a danceable track we can all get behind. It's a song about rising above all of the pressures of life, letting all of the negativity go and saying, loudly and defiantly, that you simply cannot be broken. It's one we'll proudly be singing along to this summer.


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