At long last, fall is officially upon us, and as the weather gets a bit more chilly, the new music releases are also getting cooler than ever.

Autumn is just a creative season in general, and our favorite artists blessed us with some of the most memorable new tracks, EPs and albums of the entire year. From rising artists including Fake Shark and Monét Ngo to huge artists such as Joshua Bassett and Lil Nas Xeveryone was on top of their game—so keep scrolling to discover the 10 biggest things that happened in music the week of Sep. 23, 2022.

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1. Fake Shark Share a New Overthinker’s Anthem With ‘Paranoid’

Rising Canadian alt-rock band Fake Shark is making quite the name for themselves lately, and their latest single, “Paranoid,” is sure to get you as hooked as we are. With its almost Joni Mitchell-esque acoustic guitar riff, layered with more modern rock sensibilities, this track about overthinking and big ego, and being unable to fool the people who know you best, is a real earworm. “‘Paranoid’ is a song about having conflict with somebody who knows you well enough to pick you apart perfectly,” lead singer Kevvy Maher shared in a press release. “There’s no point in making something up to win an argument because they already know it’s not true. It’s the frustration of being close to somebody.”


2. Monét Ngo Reveals His Debut EP, After School Club

We have to admit we weren’t familiar with the music of Vietnamese-American singer-songwriter Monét Ngo before this week, but after listening to his first EP, After School Club, he’s become one of our new faves. Its eight tracks are vibey and emotional, echoing with dreamlike distortion while telling Monét’s story of finding his place as an outsider. “The After School Club is a mixed bag,” Monét explained in a press release. “It’s essentially an accumulation of experiences and lessons I’ve learned, into a collection of music. After a long day of work, there’s so much baggage to unload and your life to live. But here you are, stuck at the After School Club. It’s a place to let it all out. All your emotions, good or bad, it’s there. The After School Club could be anything you make it. It’s a lesson, a second home, and most of all it’s a place where we are not alone.” Check out the music video for “Strawberry Fields” below and prepare to be obsessed.


3. Olivia Penalva Unveils Her Powerful New Assembly Required EP

Again and again, Canadian singer-songwriter Olivia Penalva has demonstrated her power as both a lyricist and vocalist with each new release, and her new EP, Assembly Required, is her most impactful collection of music yet. It consists of five gorgeous songs, but the title track, “Assembly Required,” has to be our favorite. “’Assembly Required’ has always been one of my favorite songs,” Olivia told Sweety High. “It’s about those first moments of falling in love when the person you’re with really gets to see you, even the parts of yourself you’ve shielded away. It’s letting them know that they are welcome to love you but they should know that you come a little broken and in need of repair. To me, this song sums up the baggage we all carry from our past hurt and traumas. The stuff we shove so far into the box hoping that nobody sees it. But sometimes, it just takes that one special person to come along and help you sort through that box. We all come a little broken and sometimes we need a little help in being fixed. Sometimes it’s as easy as falling in love, and that’s why I wrote this song.”


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4. Phony Ppl Get the Party Started With ‘Nowhere But Up’

We used to watch Phony Ppl jam out on Twitch streams, and we love to see just how far the Brooklyn-based quintet has come. Their new song, “Nowhere But Up,” is one of the grooviest things we’ve heard all year, with absolutely infectious sounds that bring us back into the past. “‘Nowhere But Up’ is exactly where Phony Ppl’s is headed,” singer Elbee Thrie explained in a press release. “This colorful demonstration of a sexy sweaty seductive chase, forces your body to move and groove sooo good, that you might just have to run-it-back when it ends!” Their self-titled album is coming later this fall, and we can’t wait!


5. Zoe Wees Laments an Absent Father in ‘Daddy’s Eyes’

In need of a good cry? Look no further than Zoe Wees‘ heartwrenching new single “Daddy’s Eyes.” The 20-year-old singer-songwriter digs deep in the new song to unpack the pain of growing up without her father in her life, and the trauma of seeing parts of him when she looks into the mirror at herself. “My father was never there for my mother and me,” Zoe shared in a press release. “I’ve met him once in my life and I realized that my eyes look exactly like his. I don’t wanna cry these tears with my ‘Daddy’s Eyes’. I don’t need you, Dad!”


6. Grayson Chance Shares a New Side of Himself in Palladium Album

If you’ve been following Grayson Chance on TikTok, you know that we were only getting half of the story during his early rise to fame, and we’re thrilled he’s finally getting the chance to speak his truth. His music, too, is more potent than it’s ever been, blending his mastery of the piano with raw lyrics that cut right to the bone, sung through gritty, soaring vocals. At last, Grayson sounds like he’s free. Check out the new music video for “My Dying Spirit” below and you’ll see what we mean.


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7. Jeremy Zucker and BENEE Team Up for ‘i’m so happy’

There truly aren’t enough joyous breakup anthems out there, and Jeremy Zucker and BENEE are here to fill that void with the new track “i’m so happy.” Both stars are alt-pop powerhouses in their own right, and together, they’re somehow even more powerful as they croon about post-breakup bliss, and how everything is better now that their exes are out of their lives. If you’ve ever gotten out of a terrible relationship, we bet you can relate.


8. Joy Oladokun and Chris Stapleton Team Up for ‘Sweet Symphony’

There’s something so special about a straightforward song about that real kind of love between two people, and Joy Oladokun and Chris Stapleton’s new collaboration, “Sweet Symphony,” is precisely that. Their voices are flawless together, with every word capturing the authentic beauty of lasting, unconditional love. “‘Sweet Symphony’ is a song I wrote about the love that I got to witness my parents share as a kid,” Joy shared in a press release. “It’s about the vulnerability, the fear and the ups and downs that come from loving someone. Showing all of yourself so that someone else can accept and celebrate you is what it’s all about. I’m excited to have Chris Stapleton on this song not only because he has one of the most iconic voices on the planet, but also, he’s just an incredible songwriter, artist, and instrumentalist. I feel very lucky and honored that he wanted to be part of this song.”


9. Joshua Bassett Teases His Debut Album With Sad Songs in a Hotel Room EP

Joshua Bassett has quickly proven himself as one of the most innovative young artists of the time, and he’s never gotten more personal and vulnerable than he does on the tracks of his new EP, Sad Songs in a Hotel Room. Each song feels like a little revealing peek into a different moment of Joshua’s life, told in Joshua’s signature poetic style. “Sad Songs in a Hotel Room comes from a transient period of my life, when I was constantly moving from hotel to Airbnb to a friend’s place, while also juggling some intense personal growth and change,” Joshua revealed in a press release. “Each song on this EP tells a different part of the story from that time. In some ways, these songs feel like a bridge from one chapter of my life to the next, and I felt an urgency to put them out as I finish my debut album.” The new video for “Lifeline” is especially powerful, with Joshua making eye contact with the viewer, like he’s singing right into your soul.


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10. Lil Nas X Drops League of Legends Worlds Anthem ‘STAR WALKIN’

When we heard that Lil Nas X had composed an anthem for the League of Legends World Championship, we weren’t sure exactly what to expect, but we now understand we shouldn’t have doubted Montero for a second, because the track is incredible. It’s undeniably epic, with a rousing electronic sound building momentum throughout and a message about never giving up that we can absolutely get behind. The anime music video is also so cool, featuring animated versions of LoL‘s biggest champions in a way that makes them look truly heroic.


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