Whether you’re a total gym buff or just someone who likes to make sure they’re getting all the right nutrients in every day, protein supplements can be a great easy way to get what your body needs. They can also be downright delicious, especially when you choose products from a brand like Premier Protein.

Premier Protein is best known for their iconic protein shakes, which are packed with a hefty dose of protein (but not a hefty dose of sugar or calories). These portable shakes help you stay on track when you’re on the go or just living your everyday busy life, but we’ll be the first to say that not every flavor is created equal. So, which flavors are worthy of a place in your shopping cart? We can help you decide with our definitive ranking of the best Premier Protein flavors.

10. Strawberries & Cream

If you’re a fan of sipping your cereal milk after finishing off a bowl of your favorite sugary delight, you’ll probably enjoy this shake flavor which tastes like a healthier version of just that. However, not everyone is so keen on the mildly artificial berries and cream vibe, which is why this one sits at this end of our ranking of the best of the best.

Premier Protein Strawberries and Cream Shake

(via Premier Protein)


9. Pumpkin Spice

Did you think this seasonal flavor was exclusive only to your favorite coffee chains? Think again, as Premier Protein has whipped up the perfect protein shake version. It’s a seasonal delight that evokes the comforting nature of a slice of pumpkin pie, minus the sugar crash afterward. However, it’s a bit of a heavier flavor that’s really only good once in a while, which is why we didn’t rank it higher on this list.

Premier Protein Pumpkin Spice Shake

(via Premier Protein)


8. Cake Batter Delight

If cake batter is a flavor that you always go for when filling up your cup at your local froyo place, then this is the Premier Protein flavor for you. It’s sweet, but has that extra bite that reminds you of your favorite slice of frosting-covered cake. It can be a bit too sweet for fans of more grown-up flavors though, which is why it’s only the third down on this list.

Premier Protein Cake Batter Shake

(via Premier Protein)


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7. Vanilla

Basic? Yes. Boring? Not necessarily. Vanilla is a classically satisfying flavor, and Premier Protein really nails it with this rendition that will always be a grocery store shelf standby. It’s quite similar in flavor to the Cake Batter Delight, but a bit less showy. Pro tip: use it when making a recipe that would call for some sort of sweet dairy product for a healthier (yet no less delicious) take.

Premier Protein Vanilla Shake

(via Premier Protein)


6. Cinnamon Roll

This highly rated flavor is like drinking your favorite breakfast delight, only without feeling so terribly full afterward. If you love the idea of the Pumpkin Spice flavor but think it might be a bit much, this is the one to try instead.

Premier Protein Cinnamon Roll Shake

(via Premier Protein)


5. Cookies & Cream

When it comes to cookies and cream flavored products, it’s pretty hard to miss. Premier Protein’s Cookies & Cream shake is evidence of that, as this portable drink perfectly emulates the taste of our favorite chocolatey, creamy cookies dunked in milk for the perfect afternoon treat.

Premier Protein Cookies and Cream Shake

(via Premier Protein)


4. Caramel

This flavor is just perfect, morning or night. It’s not overdone, not too artificial and can be drunk on its own or as a replacement for coffee creamer to add an extra punch of protein to your daily pick-me-up. If you haven’t tried it yet, take our word for it and pick up a pack on your next trip to the store.

Premier Protein Caramel Shake

(via Premier Protein)


3. Chocolate Peanut Butter

Another classic combination that’s hard to say no to is chocolate and peanut butter, whether it be in candy form or this Premier Protein flavor. It’s creamy, it’s decadent and it’s just all-around perfect. If you’re a peanut butter lover, don’t miss out on this one.

Premier Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

(via Premier Protein)


2. Chocolate

Can’t go wrong with a classic, right? The Chocolate flavor of Premier Protein is proof of that. It’s far from boring, but it also isn’t overpowering on any one flavor note. That means you can take it wherever, whenever for a delicious and indulgent dose of protein and vitamins.

Premier Protein Chocolate Shake

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1. Café Latte

And finally, the winning flavor on our definitive ranking of the best Premier Protein flavors. While Café Latte may not be for those who truly detest the taste of coffee, it is absolutely perfect for everyone else. Whether you’re a total coffee snob or someone who prefers more cream in your cup than coffee, this protein shake is sure to please. It’s not overly sweet, carrying the ideal balance of coffee and creamy goodness to create the perfect drink to get you up and running in the morning.

Premier Protein Cafe Latte Shake

(via Premier Protein)


Thirsty yet? Grab a pack of one of the flavors of Premier Protein listed here and quench your thirst while feeding your body the nutrients it needs. If you’re looking for something that’s also protein packed but a little more indulgent, click HERE for our ranking of the best Halo Top ice cream flavors.