If You're New to the Skincare Game, These 4 Brands Are Great Places to Start

Masks, toners, cleansers, serums, eye creams, day creams, night creams, moisturizers… the number of skincare products out there can be overwhelming, whether you use them regularly or not.

Additionally, there are so many products filled with potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients that inexperienced skin may not be able to handle.

While you don't need to emulate your mom's daily 45-minute skincare routine just yet, it's never too early to start taking care of your beautiful face.


If you're just now expressing curiosity in the wonderful (and quite confusing) world of skincare, we've got you covered with four brands below that carry perf products for beginners.

C'est Moi

Created exclusively for teens, this affordable new Target skincare brand prides itself on being gentle. The line includes moisturizer, cleanser and sunscreen, the essentials to get your routine started so that you don't feel overwhelmed with steps. And if you're newly diving into the world of makeup, they have a cosmetics section as well!

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Created with turmeric, a plant that's frequently used in Asian and Indian cooking dishes, Tumerica has an inexpensive, three-step set that's applied lightly to the skin, while also taking care of the most important facial necessities: cleansing, refreshing, moisturizing and repairing.

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Laguna Herbals

Like its name suggests, Laguna Herbals is all-natural and derived from organic ingredients. The company makes pretty much every skincare product you can think of, so whether you want to stick to a very basic beginner's routine or you want to go with a more advanced setup like your mom, you options. Oh, and if you love baths as much as we do, you'll go wild for their various salts, which are themed around the feelings of happiness, love, tranquility and more.


Pangea Organics

Another all-natural fave, Pangea Organics carries an array of products with tons of useful earthy ingredients ranging from plants to berries and other fruits. Whether you're in the mood to try a toner, a mask or a scrub, you'll have plenty of options. And if, like us, you're not sure if you want to commit to one full size, you can purchase the company's travel kit, which, in addition to being carry-on friendly, provides test sizes of their best-selling products.


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