The Foundation We Recommend for Your Face, Based on the Occasion

I've always been a MAC girl.

I don't have sensitive skin, so I've always basked in the joys of getting away with swiping thick layers of the brand's full coverage studio fix foundation onto my face and walking out of the house feeling camera-ready (for no particular reason).

But once I started working in the beauty space and testing new products that stray from what I use on the reg, I began playing around with other foundations. Having skin that isn't prone to breakouts allows me to try a variety of foundations to give people a rundown of a product's consistency, how long it stays on and just how much coverage it provides.

Over the last month, I've been going back and forth between three different foundations that aren't what I've used in the past, and each serves a particular purpose.

Keep scrolling for the foundation I recommend based on the occasion:

For a Regular Day at School or Work: bareMinerals' Made-2-Fit Foundation

Not only is this personalized foundation ordered through a revolutionary detection app on your phone (and legit matches your skin tone to a T), but it's the best foundation we've tried when going for the no-makeup-makeup look. You don't want to overdo your look at school and at (most) workplaces, so this particular foundation goes on light and gives you that all-natural look, while still giving you the right amount of cover-up.

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For When Your Skin Is Extra Sensitive: Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

This Kourtney Kardashian-approved foundation comes in a pint-sized bottle, but it packs a mean punch. We consider this foundation the best of both worlds: It's a breathable product originally intended for skin that's experiencing scarring, breakouts or especially sensitive reactions, but it also provides an insane amount of coverage without looking cakey. Oh, and did we mention you can sleep in it? Ta-da—your dream foundation!

For When You Have a Big Event or Date: Haleys RE:SET Liquid Matte Foundation

Vegan and cruelty-free, Haley's foundation—which only launched in 2016—is just the right product to apply to the face when you really want to go for it. It provides a ton of coverage, while still going on smoothly. And because it's so concentrated, a little goes a long way, especially in the huge tube that holds the product. At only $22 a pop, this is definitely your steal.

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