The Best Products Our Beauty Editors Tried in February 2023

Our beauty editors tried tons of products in February, but only a select few left their mark.

February was full of skincare finds and makeup must-haves, and we're absolutely loving certain products! Want to know which ones we think are worth your money? Here are the best products our beauty editors tried in February 2023.

Ardell Active Lash Soak It Up: $6

Not that we regularly work out in falsies—but having the option to do so with Ardell's new Active Lash is honestly a game-changer. Whether you want to look glam on a hike, for a pilates sesh or even an intense HIIT class, these can withstand water and all of the elements. From swimming to good-ole humidity, there's nothing these babies can't handle, keeping the curl without bothering your eyes.

(via Ardell)


Truly Beauty Glazed Donut Facial Serum: $38.90

Want to look like a glazed donut? We're right there with you, which is why we were so excited to try out Truly Beauty's Glazed Donut Facial Serum. We weren't sure if the product was going to live up to the name, but trust us when we say it absolutely does. Formulated with coconut, passionfruit and vitamin E, this serum melts into the skin and smells of delicious neroli. Plus, it can be used as a part of your skincare routine and even under makeup as a primer!

(via Truly Beauty)


DR. BRANDT iD-STRESS Fatigue Fighting Eye Gel: $38

From classes to work and binging Netflix late into the night, life can get busy, which tends to show up on our faces—especially the under-eye area. If you're dealing with fatigue, we suggest looking into this Eye Gel from DR. BRANDT because it tackles just that. Made with adaptogens, lipopeptides and fig stem cells, this eye gel comes with a cooling ceramic applicator and will fight off signs of dryness, tiredness and even dark circles.

(via DR. BRANDT)


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REFY Cream Bronzer: $26

Our obsession with REFY initially began after we tested out their Brow Sculpt many moons ago, and since then we've continued to try out more and more in their line-up. These days we've been living the Cream Bronzer. Available in four shades for all skin tones, this creamy and buildable bronzer will add dimension and definition to your face, all while leaving you looking like a chiseled queen (or king!).

(via REFY)


eltaMD Oil-in-Gel Cleanser: $34

If you can't quite get behind skin melts and oil cleansers, we've found the next best thing for you in the form of this Oil-in-Gel Cleanser from eltaMD. Without clogging pores, this works to cleanse the skin while maintaining moisture, and that's all thanks to key ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin E and turmeric root extract.

(via eltaMA)


Avarelle Acne Cover Patches: $8.50

Got a pesky zit or acne spot that just won't quit? Then you need to try out these Acne Cover Patches from Avarelle. Made with tea tree, cica and calendula oil, these hydrocolloid patches work to heal acne overnight. One of our editors had a hormonal acne flare-up and this seemed to really quicken things along!

(via Avarelle)


Ciaté London Glow-To Illuminating Blush in Summer Fling: $25

Never have we ever met a blush as beautiful as this one from Ciaté London—and we've practically tried them all! Coming in multiple shades and made with highlighting pearls, these remind us of a blush-highlighter hybrid, and we aren't mad about it. With a simple swipe on the cheek, you'll instantly look brighter and more lifted. What's not to love?

(via Ciaté London)


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Glomance Overnight Star: $68

We've tested out a few of Glomance's products, but the standout we can't stop thinking about has to be Overnight Star, a night treatment that works to balance the skin. Formulated with lactic acid, licorice, prickly pear extract, hyaluronic acid and aloe, this will leave your skin looking better, brighter and more balanced.

(via Glomance)


Fomin Disposable Face Towels: $14.74

If you despise dealing with nasty face towels that get stinky and gross, we highly suggest looking into a disposable option, like these ones from Fomin. We've been using them religiously for an entire month and don't plan on looking back any time soon. They make clean-up easier and are ec0-clean and incredibly soft to the touch.

(via Amazon)


Indeed Labs Nanobronze Bronzing Drops: $24.99

Whether you're pale as a ghost (and need some color), want to enhance your skin's natural tan or want to even out your darker tone, these Bronzing Drops from Indeed Labs have got you covered. With pea, giant kelp and cacao extract working together, it'll leave your skin with an immediate sunkissed glow, without any streaks or orange undertones.

(via Indeed Labs)


NakedPoppy Renew Retinol Oil: $78

If you're looking to get started on your skin's journey with retinol, we highly suggest taking a look at NakedPoppy's Renew Retinol Oil. Formulated with encapsulated retinol, bakuchiol, bisabolol, squalene and stearyl glycyrrhizinate, this oil (which is made in small batches by a women-led lab) will leave your skin looking smooth and bright.

(via NakedPoppy)


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Milani Gilded Mini Palette in Champagne Showers: $9.99

We adore the idea of mini eyeshadow palettes because they come with a select few colors we will actually use! Other palettes are full of hues we never touch, but that's absolutely not the case with this mini palette from Milani. It comes in a range of color schemes to choose from, but we're especially digging the Champagne Showers palette. With creamy, blendable shades in both mattes and shimmers, we've been reaching for this palette over everything else lately.

(via Milani Cosmetics)


Drunk Elephant Drunk Break: A Night to Remember Night Kit: $98

Here at Sweety High, we're big fans of Drunk Elephant, and their kits have to be among our favorite offerings because you get to try a little bit of everything. We fell in love with the Drunk Break kit which comes with the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, Lala Retro Whipped Cream, Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser and F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial.

(via Drunk Elephant)


Saie Sun Melt: $32

Saie just launched even more shades of their fabulous Sun Melt, making it even more accessible for people with all tones of skin. Now available in six tones, this velvet-like balm is meant to be applied as a bronzer. Pick it up with your fingers, a brush or even a damp sponge, and put it on areas you want to sculpt! The application is a breeze and it blends like a dream.

(via Saie)


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