8 of Our Fave Super Bowl 51 Commercials

If you tuned in for Super Bowl 51 last night, you saw that the Patriots made a major comeback and won the nail-biting game.

Viewers also saw a batch of funny, thoughtful and straight-up inspirational ads aired throughout the event.

Because we couldn't pick just one fave commercial, we've rounded up eight of our top picks. Did your ad of choice make the cut? Scroll below to find out!


The hilarious Melissa McCarthy had us bent over laughing in this Kia ad that sets her out on a "Hero's Journey" to save the earth. Watch for yourself here:



This Tide commercial featuring former football player Terry Bradshaw gets major bonus points for being very creative.

During a halftime show promo, Terry made an announcement with a large stain on his shirt. Tweets immediately started coming in about this giant red stain.

Minutes later, a Tide commercial featuring Terry aired and we found out it was all a part of a stunt for Tide. The commercial is all about Terry's journey to get his stain removed. Take a peek here:



Cam Newton makes an epic appearance in this beyond adorable car ad.

The plot of the commercial is brilliant. A Buick pulls up into the parking lot of a pee wee football field, and two dads stare in amazement—they just can't believe it's actually a Buick.

One dad remarks to another that if the car is a Buick, then his son is Cam Newton. Just like that, his little boy magically transforms into the NFL quarterback. See the cute ad here:


Honda CR-V

The theme of this video is what really got us.

This commercial is all about chasing dreams. Honda CR-V brought this message to life by animating dorky yearbook pictures from some big name celebrities including Amy Adams, Steve Carell and Tina Fey.

These stars prove you never know where life is going to take you when you follow your dreams. Watch the cute and quirky ad here:



This commercial is so simple you wouldn't believe it. We think that Bai is pretty clever for pairing their drink with a dramatic reading of a classic NSYNC song. See what we mean here:



The beloved rainbow candy company set this Super Bowl 51 commercial live on YouTube more than a week ago, and already it has millions of views. This ad is both funny and cute. Take a look:


Avocados from Mexico

We're not shy about our passion for avocados over here at Sweety High, so, of course, we're obsessed with Avocados from Mexico's hypnotic commercial. Just watch this bit and prepare to have major guac cravings:


Turbo Tax

And finally, we were pleasantly surprised to see that our fave nursery rhyme character made a hilarious appearance in this Turbo Tax commercial. See what happened to poor Humpty Dumpty here:


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