Searching for a Sweet and Simple Self-Care Gift? Try Bifties Gifts' Namaste H'om'e Box

Gifting can be hard, which is why I'always on the lookout for cute, practical gift boxes that don't break the bank.

Bifties Gifts does all of that while taking the idea even a step further—all of the items inside of their boxes come from Black-owned brands. I loved that idea—and when the team behind Bifties asked if I would be interested in reviewing one, I happily said yes.

The Brand

Bifties actually started with a Secret Santa gift exchange between friends with one caveat—every item in the exchange had to be from a business of color. The exchange proved quite challenging for some of the participants, which made the issue quite clear. How does one go about finding businesses of color, and what qualifies?

Bifties was formed around solving that problem, seeking out the best Black-owned brands around and packaging their goods together into beautiful and highly curated gift boxes that anyone can enjoy—or giving customers the option to select their own favorite items to make a custom box. You can also search their marketplace to find individual items you love.

For my review, I was sent the Namaste H'om'e Box, which retails for $45.


The Box

My Bifties box came gorgeously wrapped in a sturdy box featuring art of Black faces and wrapped up in a lovely brown bow. When I opened it up, I was delighted with its contents, safely packed up within white crinkle paper.

Bifites Box Namaste H"om"e

(via Bifties)

First is a cute white mug reading Namaste H"om"e—a message that's both cozy, grounding and pretty apt for our current climate. The mug is sturdy, sizeable and perfect for your morning coffee or afternoon tea. It would be especially cute to use during meditation.

Next is the Sea Salt Mist massage candle by Chanvre Naturals. When lit, the adorable candle evokes the scent of the ocean, but even better, it melts into a dreamy massage oil, which you can use once cooled. It's made of soy wax and shea butter to leave skin feeling smooth and buttery, and also includes hemp seed oil and almond oil to nourish and heal skin. I love the way it feels on my skin (and very quickly melted through the whole deliciously scented candle).

Let's Stay Home massage candle

(via Bifties)

Last but not least is a white sage bundle from The Noble Brand. Sage is used for cleansing old energy from spaces to make way for newer, more positive energies and promote a path forward. You simply use a flame to light one end of the bundle and allow the thick smoke to waft in the air, moving it around the space you want to cleanse. I happen to think burning sage smells awful, so I only do this ritual once at the start of each week, but the practice does make me feel like I've reset, and helps me begin fresh every Monday.

Bifties sage bundle

(via Bifties)


Bottom Line

In my experience, Bifties Gifts' boxes are packed with fabulous high-quality items that people will actually want, making them awesome for gifting while supporting Black-owned businesses. I love all three items in the Bifties box. They're not the most inexpensive option around, but that's definitely beside the point. The quality speaks for itself, and both you and the recipient of the gift can rest assured knowing that you patronized a worthy business.


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