Even with many things going haywire in the world in 2020, this has been an incredible year for music.

Without fail, we’re met week after week with stunning releases from every genre—but this week was so crowded with great new music that we couldn’t even come close to including all of the best picks in our top 10.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover our 10 favorite things that happened in the music world in the week of Oct. 23, 2020.

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1. Caroline Romano Drops Powerful Single ‘Power Suit’

Need a new power anthem to kick off your weekend? Look no further than Caroline Romano’s new single, “Power Suit,” with a driving beat and rousing chorus that’s designed to make you feel as empowered as your favorite outfit. Just one listen, and you’ll feel like a gal who can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.


2. Roman Alexander  Releases Country Ballad ‘Bad for Me’

Get ready to swoon, because Roman Alexander just released his latest single, “Bad for Me.” The twangy, dreamy country track is full of longing and romance, tugging on the heartstrings. The release also comes with exciting news—the announcement that he’ll be releasing an EP, Between You and Me, in November. If you adore Roman, consider this a very good day.


3. Kasbo Unleashes His Sophomore Album, The Making of a Paracosm

Swedish electronic producer Kasbo has always had a way with sound, but his second album, The Making of a Paracosm, came out today and showed us that his skills have only improved since his first.”This is the most full and direct creative representation of me and I’m so happy to finally be able to put it out into the world,” Kasbo said in a press release. The album contains  14 calming and lush tracks that will make you feel like you’re flying. It’s just the thing if you’ve been feeling stuck inside and crave a sense of escape—and don’t we all?


4. Amy Shark Teams Up With Travis Barker for ‘C’mon’

Australian singer-songwriter Amy Shark is an absolute powerhouse, and we love what she’s done in collaboration with blink-182 drummer Travis Barker on the new single, “C’mon.” It’s an honest, raw look at personal growth through forgiveness, with a punk edge and Barker’s signature rolling drum style layered beneath. “It’s quite surreal to have the drummer from one of my all-time favorite bands playing on one of my songs,” Amy said in a press release. “It didn’t take much convincing for him to jump on board. He genuinely loved the song and took ‘C’mon’ to another level,”


5. Marlhy Cleans House in Her New ‘R.I.P.’ Music Video

Even at 18 years old, singer-songwriter Marlhy is no stranger to the industry, with 12 years of stage performance under her belt and a powerful voice to show for it. Her new single, “R.I.P.” is a soulful post-breakup anthem about surviving and thriving after getting a certain person out of your life—and its homey crime scene cleanup video makes us love the track even more.


6. Sophie Pecora Calls Out Toxic Relationships With ‘Devil’

16-year-old singer-songwriter America’s Got Talent alum Sophie Pecora is still wowing us with her incredible lyrical and vocal talents, and her new song “Devil” is a new favorite. It’s a song about a totally toxic partner who hides their deviousness from everyone else, and finally deciding to take a stand and cut that person out of your life. It’s partially a bubbly pop track, with a great rap interlude that shows that Sophie can really do it all. We can’t wait for Sophie’s Raise the Bar EP, which comes out on Nov. 20.


7. Jamie Miller Is ‘Onto Something’ With New Single

If you don’t know Welsh singer-songwriter Jamie Miller, it’s time you changed that—and his new single “Onto Something” is the perfect place to start. The song’s old school R&B sound is perfectly complemented by Jamie’s smooth yet compelling vocals. Plus, its slick music video just might make you wish that it was you Jamie was singing to on the track.


8. Ruel Releases New Bright Lights, Red Eyes EP

We simply can’t get enough of British-Australian singer-songwriter Ruel, who deserves all the praise we can throw at him. His highly anticipated EP Bright Lights, Red Eyes is precisely what we’ve been waiting for. The EP includes his beloved singles “As Long As You Care” and “Say It Over” featuring Cautious Clay, plus three new soulful and melodic tracks we can’t stop listening to, all of which were written last year in Paris. “This project was a stream of consciousness when I was writing it at the time, and I feel like that’s the way all projects and songs are for me,” Ruel explained in a press release. “They are moments in time.” And they’re all moments worth reliving again and again.


9. jxdn Joins Forces With Iann Dior for ‘Tonight’

Singer and TikTok sensation jxdn is one of our very rising artists, and his new collaboration, “Tonight” featuring Iann Dior, is clear proof of why he’s so beloved. It’s the perfect blend of pop-punk and hip-hop to create something entirely new, featuring drums from Travis Barker to really drive the track home. And with its Western-themed music video with gun duels, robots and aliens, it’s impossible to be bored by it.


10. Johnny Orlando Drops His Sophomore EP, It’s Never Really Over

Millions of fans have been waiting a year for Johnny Orlando to have another big music release, and his second EP, It’s Never Really Over, does not disappoint. The six-track EP features three previously released singles from this year as well as the new tracks “Adelaide,” “Bad News” and “Flaws,” and really emphasizes a more mature and restrained sound than we’ve heard from the artist in the past. “This project is the culmination of the person I have become in the last year, but as I have learned, far from the person I will be in a year’s time,” Johnny said in a press release. As he continues to grow, we look forward to what he puts out next.


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