11 of the Best Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

If your birthday is coming up and you have no clue what to do, don't worry, you've come to the right place.

Whether you're throwing yourself the party of your dreams or are looking for ideas to help out a friend's birthday, you need to have a starting point! If you already have a theme in mind or know exactly who you want to invite, that's great—but what about the party itself? Not sure what options are even available to choose from? Look below for 11 of the best birthday party ideas for teens.

1. Homemade Pizza Party

If you and your friends are a bunch of foodies, having a homemade pizza party will probably be right up your alley. Instead of hitting your local pizza joint and being surrounded by a bunch of screaming kids, you get to enjoy your party from the comfort of your own home. Simply pick up some dough and all of the toppings, and you're set up for a great night!


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2. Outdoor Movie Party

Sure, you could have a movie night in your living room, but if you want it to feel super special, have an outdoor movie party. For this, all you need to do is rent a projector and set up tons of pillows and blankets on the ground for you and your besties to chill out on. Also, make sure there is plenty of candy options and that the popcorn is flowing!


3. Game Night

Game night can mean all sorts of things—whether you play video games, board games or something like a murder mystery game, this is an amazing birthday party idea for teens/ Make sure you don't invite too many people for this type of party—we suggest four to eight, including you!


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4. Outdoor Picnic Party

Another fun birthday party idea is to have an outdoor picnic. Set up some blankets and pillows and invite all of your best friends to come and celebrate you. You can do this in your backyard, on the beach or even somewhere like the park. Whether you pick up food from your favorite restaurant, cook everything yourself or stick to appetizers is completely up to you.


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5. Dance Party

Dance parties are totally underrated, and if we could have one every weekend, we totally would! Create the most amazing dance playlist, turn off the lights in your living room and hang up a disco ball and some twinkly lights (plus a strobe light if you have one). Make sure there's plenty of space to dance around and have fun with all of your favorite people.


6. Bowling Party

If you're known for being competitive, play into that nature by having a bowling party. Invite as little or as many people as you want and rent out enough lanes, accordingly. This is a fun way to spend a few hours bowling, eating pizza and hanging out with friends.


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7. Bonfire Party

We love the idea of having a bonfire where you get to enjoy s'mores, pizza and conversation with friends. This is especially great if you happen to have a summer birthday—but even if you don't, all you need are some extra blankets on hand. Plus, feel free to invite as many people as you want for this!


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8. Karaoke Party

Even if you don't have the singing skills of Olivia Rodrigo or Harry Stylesanyone can do karaoke. And honestly? The worse you are, the more entertaining it is! Just download a karaoke app like Smule, stream it onto your TV and sing with your besties. We definitely suggest getting your hands on some microphones to take the experience to the next level.


9. Pool Party

When you're a teen, there's truly nothing better than going to a pool party, and if you have the ability to throw one for yourself, you should absolutely do it. Play games in the water, practice your dives and ask your parents to grill up some burgers and hot dogs for you and all of your besties.


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10. Water Park Party

Most water parks are only open during the summer months, so if you have a summer birthday, you should definitely grab your friends and head on over to your local water park. Not only do you get to enjoy a day out in the sun, but you get to go down fun slides, hit the wave pool, chill in the lazy river and more.


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11. Spa Party

If you love getting pampered, the obvious party for you is to have a spa day with all of your BFFs. From mani-pedis to face masks, new hairstyles, massages and more, hitting up the spa is relaxing and the best birthday gift and party, all rolled into one fun package.


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