We Got to Know Disney's New 'Bizaardvark' Besties Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu

Disney Channel's new series "Bizaardvark" is everything and more we could ask for in a TV show.

From the music and comedy, to the dynamic between bestie vloggers Paige (played by Olivia Rodrigo) and Frankie (played by Madison Hu), we're thoroughly entertained.

Just like the characters they play on screen, Madison and Olivia have an undeniable BFF chemistry IRL. Alone these girls are mega talented, but together they're unbeatable, and that is why we're claiming them both as our #WCW. Scroll below for BTS details about the show and their BFFship.

Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu WCW

(Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin)

Full Names: Olivia Isabel Rodrigo, Madison Zirui Hu

Hometowns: Temecula, California (Olivia); Cerritos, California (Madison)

Birthdays: February 20, 2003 (Olivia); June 2, 2002 (Madison)

Zodiac Signs: Pisces (Olivia); Gemini (Madison)

Fave/Most Relatable Disney Princess????????: Mulan (both)

Fun Facts:

1. Olivia's secret passion is gymnastics. Not so coincidentally, handstand competitions have become a frequent pastime on set. Who usually wins? "Jake [Paul] is pretty good! I'm always okay, and Ethan [Wacker] tries, but sometimes falls and crashes things down," Olivia tells Sweety High.

2. If you scroll through either Madison or Olivia's Insta feed, it's pretty clear they're besties on and off set. "We spend every day together," Olivia reveals. "When we go home we FaceTime and we hang out on the weekends!"

3. Madison loves to DIY. She recently DIY'ed her own phone case by cutting out pictures of Beyoncé, a dog and a bunch of city landscapes and paper-mâchéing them onto a clear plastic case. DIY sesh with Madison soon? We hope so!

4. Like Frankie and Grace, both girls are musically inclined. Madison plays the guitar and piano and gave the clarinet and recorder a go in elementary school. Olivia rocks the guitar and piano and is constantly performing covers. Please listen to her angelic voice performing "Hollow" by Tori Kelly. ????????

5. When Olivia and Madison aren't working, they walk to the park, grab a slice of pizza at the local pizza joint near set or play "Spot It!," their current fave card game. It gets "really intense," according to Madison.

6. On-set rituals are a thing. Before every run though or table read, the cast puts their hands together and screams, "Bizaardvark!" Madison and Olivia have their own quirky ritual, too. Right before they perform they chant the words "Sensational Mayonnaise." The girls made up the nonsensical phrase at one of their sleepovers and it stuck. "It's crazy and odd, but that's our good luck charm," Olivia explains.

7. When it comes to musical inspiration, both girls have amazing role models. Olivia looks up to Lorde and admires her ability to "be different and not afraid to be herself." Madison, on the other hand, is constantly inspired by Beyoncé and her empowering jams. Same, Madison, same.


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