PSA: The Wish app is the only one you’ll ever need when it comes to finding major shopping deals.

It can send you into a deep, dark (but entertaining) abyss of unusual items you can’t really find anywhere else. Peep some of the most bizarre $1 goods we came across while on our latest expedition through the app below.

Crystal Mud Soil Water Beads

Obviously we’ve seen plant soil and we’ve seen beads, but never really a combination of the two.

Crystal mud soil beads

(via Wish)


Fish-Shaped Powder Brush

Mermaid and unicorn brush sets are super popular right now, but we had yet to see a fish-shaped powder brush… until now.

Fish-shaped powder brush

(via Wish)


Colored Floam

Floam has always been a bizarre concept for us to wrap my head around, but the fact that they sell colored versions of it on Wish makes it even weirder.

Colored flame

(via Wish)


Egg-Shaped Stress Ball

Stress relief is important, so why not grab this insane-looking egg to help get you through the day?

Egg-shaped stress ball

(via Wish)


Egg-Shaped Plant Holders

There’s no lack of egg-shaped items here as you can see. That means the next things you should opt for are these strange, but fun plant holders.

Egg-shaped plant holders

(via Wish)


Marble Fidget Toys

Not really sure what’s going on with these marble fidget toys, but apparently they also relieve stress. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, right?

Marble fidget toys

(via Wish)


Soda Can Slime

Because slime is clearly so much better in a soda can.

Soda can slime

(via Wish)


Adidog Sweater

If you have a dog, there is absolutely no reason not to buy this quirky but cute sweater.

Adidog sweater

(via Wish)


These items are definitely a little out there, but they’re nothing compared to THIS bizarre sauce we tried at McDonald’s.