10 Black TikTok Creators That You Need to Follow Right Now

TikTok has been a popular app for a few years, but its popularity has surged during the pandemic because of its ability to provide hours of endless entertainment and connect us with creative people.

The problem with TikTok—which is the same problem with many social media apps—is that often Black creators are overlooked. TikTok is filled with hilarious and talented Black creators who do not receive as much credit or recognization as their white peers. It's not only disappointing for the creators who put in hours of work, but it also means they have fewer opportunities.

A great way to step out of your bubble and support the Black community is to search for Black TikTokers to follow and engage with actively. We've compiled a list of talented people for you to follow. Following this account will make your feed more diverse, as well as signal the algorithm to show Black creators more often.

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Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown)

There's a reason why Tabitha has 4.5 million followers on TikTok. She skyrocketed to fame with her encouraging pep talks and delicious vegan recipes. Although she is a mother of two children, she has also become TikTok's honorary mom. She makes sure that all her followers are taking care of themselves mentally and physically. Tabitha has an infectious laugh and beautiful smile that will brighten anyone's for your page. Head over to her account if you're looking for new plant-based recipes or need a reminder that everything will be okay.

@iamtabithabrownDon't overthink breakfast ❤️ ##tabithabrown ##vegan ##simple♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown


Jackie James (@fatraco0n)

Jackie James is one of the most well-known activists on TikTok. At only 17 years old, Jackie approaches difficult topics that many people won't address. Jackie has gained 2.3 million followers for her videos about critical issues such as police brutality, white supremacy and the Black Lives Matter movement. She continuously lifts the Black community and challenges her followers to have serious conversations regarding race. Jackie will educate and empower you to do better.

@fatraco0n????????????♬ šhęæ – abeera <3


Boman Martinez-Reid (@bomanizer)

You've probably come across Boman Martinez-Reid's videos on TikTok. He has made a name for himself by creating hilarious parodies of reality television. His sketches include all the infamous aspects of reality TV shows, such as dramatic sound effects, unnecessary fighting and personal confessions. He walks the careful line of ridiculous and serious that make a perfect comedy. Boman is also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

@bomanizerWalking into your kitchen in the morning but it's a competition reality show ##realitytv ##fyp (feat @whatchaeden & @alyssanizer )♬ original sound – Boman Martinez-Reid


Aba Asante (@itsjustaba)

If you need an instant pick-me-up, you'll love Aba Asante. Although she is only 17 years old, Aba has amassed 6 million followers who love her bubbly personality. She is known for her trendy dance videos and jaw-dropping makeup transformations, but her account isn't just fun. She also uses her platform to speak on important issues such as voting and self-love. Aba's video about embracing her natural hair has 1.6 million views and almost 189k likes. It's impossible not to love Aba's engaging personality. You'll be the next to join #abasangels.

@itsjustabahaven't done a makeup look in a min. hey sisterrrr! ???? @jamescharles ##fyp ##abasangels♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney


Bria Jones (@heybriajones)

Bria Jones' videos help inspire you to be the most positive and fashionable version of yourself. Bria is a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty influencer. She provides short videos on how to instantly improve your life, like how to get over your fear of public speaking or how to wake up earlier. She enables all her followers to take control and elevate their lives. Check out her videos if you need to laugh at a relatable sketch or need a hit of self-confidence. You can also check out her blog to learn more about how you can promote your brand on social media.

@heybriajonesPsychology hacks for building confidence ???? IG: heybriajones ##DayInMyLife ##confident♬ Jazz – Aylior


Christian Paul (@christianpaul)

Christian Paul has the ultimate TikTok for foodies. Christian is a baker and the CEO of CP Cake Studio and CP Crunch Bars. Based in the Metro-Atlanta Area, Christian creates mouth-watering cakes and baked treats. Alternating between music and voice-overs, Christian films himself baking and decorating inventive treats from a Baby Shark-themed cake to cookies and cream bars. He also gives you a behind-the-scenes of the life of a small business owner. If you see a treat that you want to try, you can order from Christian's website. He's currently restocking but check back soon to get your hands on baked treats and gourmet chocolate bars.

@_christianpaul????????Raspberry???????? the only correct way to type ???????? ????♬ original sound – ????Christian Paul ????


Charmay (@caunsia)

Charmay is a creator who is deaf and is the CEO of "My Hands Are Loud Enough." She teaches her followers American Sign Language and makes videos signing to popular music. Charmay also educates on what it is like being a deaf person and the history of ASL as well as Black American Sign Language. Recently, she filmed a video with her grandfather, who is also deaf, to show how Black American Sign Language has evolved over the years. Charmay will not only help you learn how to sign "I'm a strong independent woman," but she will also help you become a better ally to people who are deaf.

@caunsia???? ##fyp ##readysetgo ##xyzbca ##GreenScreenTile ##CoupledUp ##DogPerson♬ original sound – Nakia Smith


Shangela (@itsshangela) 

If you're a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race, you're probably already a fan of Shangela, but you may not know Shangela is on TikTok! Shangela Laquifia Wadely is an American drag queen who stared on three seasons of Drag Race; season two and three, plus the third season of All Stars. Since then, Shangela has appeared on many other shows and movies, but most recently, Shangela has been shining on TikTok. Shangela shows off dramatic drag looks as well as hilarious sketches. Even if you're not a fan of Drag Race, after watching a few of Shangela's TikToks, you'll be a fan of her!

@itsshangelaCollection agency queen ???? ##dragrace ##allstars5 ##shangela ##allstars3 ##rupaul ##shangelaisshook♬ original sound – itsshangela


Milo and Noah (@miloandnoah)

Sometimes we need some pure and wholesome content, which is exactly what Milo and Noah provide. Noah is a certified fitness trainer who makes viral videos with his Goldendoodle, Milo. Milo was a shy puppy when Noah first adopted him. Now, Milo has grown into a famous TikTok star with as much energy and personality as Noah. They're famous for their doggy-owner workout videos and their matching outfits. Noah says that Milo has changed his life for their better, and in turn, their account has made our lives better. The bond between Milo and Noah will have you smiling and looking forward to their next video.

@miloandnoahMilo has his own personal rack in my closet smh ##fyp ##puppies ##blacktiktok ##wholesome♬ original sound – .


Kyla Imani (@kyla.imani)

Singer-songwriter Kyla Imani is a powerful new voice in the music scene. Kyla went viral in 2015 when she did her own version of Beyonce's "7/11." Since then, Kyla has gained attention for her smooth voice and powerful lyrics. She has a series on her TikTok called "The Hook," where she takes you through the steps of writing a song hook. Not only is she an incredible artist, but she is also an activist. Her single, "No Humanity," was featured in the PBS documentary Driving While Black. She also donated a portion of the proceeds from "No Humanity" to the social justice organization Until Freedom and Ahmaud Arbey's family. You can listen to her on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

@kyla.imaniThis song is out on all platforms???? search "it's not that deep." and let me see u do the ##ItsNotThatDeepChallenge ???? ##fyp ##songwriter ##singing ##music♬ it's not that deep. – Kyla Imani

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