Blake Michael Gives Us the Scoop on His New Art Studio, Crazy Adventures and First Acting Gig

You may remember catching him on Disney Channel as dreamy drummer Charlie Delgado from Lemonade Mouth or as the cutie next door Tyler James on Dog with a Blog.

If you don't remember either of these gems, don't worry—just know that Blake Michael can do no wrong. We got the inside scoop on this talented and adventurous guy this week, find out what he had to tell us below!

Blake Michael MCM art

(Photo Credit: Juliane Berry)

Name: Blake Michael

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Birthday: Jul. 31

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

1. He is a low-key magician. "I got into magic when I was eight years old," he told Sweety High. "I remember putting on magic shows for my family and bringing new tricks to set to freak out the crew." Sounds pretty legit to us. ????

2. He recently created his own art studio and it looks totally magical. "I paint with oils on canvas," he said. "It's partially outdoors so I can see the stars while I paint."

getting messy and messing around in my new art studio

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3. He understands our desire to travel the world. His recent trip to Paris had us like ????.

with her delicate and seductive fairytale spell #Paris changed me forever photo @julianeberry

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4. Like his character in Lemonade Mouth, he actually plays the drums. He even joked that he's a total "drum God." We can't say we disagree.

5.  His close friendship with G. Hannelius gives us way too many feels. His sweet birthday tribute was all we needed to confirm they are #friendshipgoals.

6. His first acting gig made us LOL. "My first job was at four years old," he explained. "It was an ad for a froggy flashlight." Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

7. In addition to being a globetrotter, he's always down for a crazy adventure. As seen in many of his IG posts, he races cars, climbs rocks and somehow also finds the time to skydive. Crushing on this guy just keeps getting easier.

I jumped out of a plane!!! check it out. Would you ever do it?

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