This Video of a Blind Cat Hugging His Favorite Pianist Is Just Too Sweet

We all love our mobile devices, but this cat has a different reason for keeping a phone closeby.

Meet Namik, a blind little tabby cat who loves music. A recent video posted on Instagram shows the adorable little kitten sitting next to a phone. The phone is playing a video of a pianist, and as soon as the first few notes ring out, the sweet kitty reaches out and hugs the phone close to his chest.

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As cute as he is, Namik's reaction to the pianist is not abnormal. In fact, the musician has quite a large feline fandom.

Sarper Duman, the pianist in the video, is a musician living in Istanbul, and music isn't his only hobby. The piano player also has a special love for rescuing cats, and his Instagram is filled with his melodic piano music accompanied by his adorable rescues.

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We hope he keeps playing, but we are a little bit worried that our hearts won't be able to take this level of cuteness!

Click HERE to see all of Sarper's adorable videos.


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