How to Flawlessly Rock a Bold Lip in 5 Simple Steps

A bold lip is a great way to make a statement—and an even greater way to make a mess.

It's not without much trial and error that I think I've mastered not only the tough application process, but also the confidence to wear any given shade.

Trust me, it took some time, but once I tried the trend, I considered a bold lip shade my ultimate can't-leave-home-without product, regardless of where I'm going or what I'm wearing.

From MAC's Lavender Jade, to NARS' Schiap to every Kat Von D orange and pretty much every ColourPop hue, I am no slouch when it comes to my lip shade stash. All it takes is following the simple steps below, and you're on your way to becoming the ultimate bold lip-wearing lady!

NARS Schiap lipstick

1. Scrub Lips and Lightly Powder or Conceal

Using either a toothbrush (yes, a toothbrush) or a lip scrub (I'm obsessed with Sara Happ's Sparkling Pink Grapefruit), aggressively scrub those puckers to get rid of dead skin and allow for a smooth color application process. After scrubbing, wipe off with water, and once dry, add a light coat of either concealer or powder, which will help the color stick.

girl applying lip scrub with finger


2. Lightly Dab the Bold Lip Shade Onto Lips

Don't rush to pile on the lip color all at once, because doing so will cause a mess (especially if you use a lip stain over a lipstick). Simply take the stick or application wand from the stain and make a few little dabs along both lips from beginning to end.

girl dabs lipstick lightly onto her lips


3. Blend Dabs With Finger

Take your finger and blend the dabs together. Depending on the turnout, repeat steps two and three as many additional times as needed if the color isn't bold enough to your liking.

Girl blending in lipstick with finger


4. Take Brush or Beauty Blender With Concealer and Pat Away Stray Marks

Smack your lips together and take a concealer-dipped brush or Beauty Blender and lightly pat away leftover color that does not belong on your face.

girl takes makeup brush to remove excess lip color from her face


5. Be Bold, Be Confident

TBH, you can have the perfect application process, but without the confidence to accompany it, your lips will be worn wrong. Get out there, throw on a hot pink or bright orange and be ready to take on the world with your smile!

girl flaunts bright pink lips


We have you covered in the lip department, but if you're in need of a little brush inspo, click HERE for everything you need to know about the Harry Potter makeup brushes!