TikTok Girl Band Boys World Dish on the Powerful Message Behind 'Girlfriends'

By this point, it's no secret that we love TikTok. While it's great for keeping us entertained hour after hour with incredible dances, hilarious skits and other randomly delightful content, we mostly love it when it exposes us to incredible new talents we wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

Among those fabulous creators is Boys World, an immensely talented five-piece girl group made up of a diverse group of ladies from all over the country. Their singing abilities and stunning choreography hearken back to the classic groups of the '90s that had everyone swooning, and we think it's only a matter of time before they become household names.

And their most recent single, "Girlfriends," is an epic showcase revealing exactly what members Makhyli, Lillian Kay, Queenie Mae, Elana Caceres and Olivia Ruby are made of. We had the opportunity to ask Boys World all about the track, and its new music video, and here's what they had to say:

Sweety High: How did Boys World form as a group?

Boys World: In April 2019, Boys World was officially formed. Before this, we were regular girls posting covers from our bedrooms with no idea that all of our dreams were about to come true! Next stop, L.A. Each of us left the comfort of our homes, friends and family and moved across the country to do what we love. After moving in together, we took time to bond and develop genuine friendships. It's been almost two years of working and growing as a group and we're excited for this crazy journey ahead!

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SH: What is each individual gal's "role" within the band?

BW: The thing that we love about our group is that each girl brings their own aesthetic to the band. We all have our own unique individual styles, stories, strengths and perspectives. When we come together we build each other up. You know the phrase "girls supporting girls"? That's us!


SH: What was the inspiration behind "Girlfriends"?

BW: "Girlfriends" was inspired by our friendship with each other and us wanting to be a support system for each other and other people around the world. It's an empowering girl anthem. We always got each other's backs!


SH: What was the recording process behind the track?

BW: The recording process of "Girlfriends" was spread out through a span of a year trying to make it as great as it is today! And we can tell you now it was all worth it! We had so much fun recording, and figuring out how to make "Girlfriends" a BW song with our different vocals and personalities!


SH: What was the most memorable moment from the shooting of the music video?

BW: Shooting the "Girlfriends" music video was such an exhilarating experience for all of us! It was our first time ever shooting a music video, so everything felt so memorable for us, even all the little things. When we arrived on set our jaws dropped from seeing the set design!

Our desks were all unique to us and we loved the neon "girlfriends" sign. We all got our makeup done together! All of us got to wear outfits that fit our individual styles perfectly. We had to shoot the "Girlfriends" choreo and speak different languages in front of the whole team! The entire "Girlfriends" music video shoot was memorable and it's something we will never forget. Everything felt so perfect


SH: How has the pandemic changed the way you all make music together, if at all? Has it been a challenge?

BW: The pandemic definitely has been a challenge for us because it's five of us living in all different places who wanna see our families from time to time, so it's been scary, but we are pushing through and still recording as much as we can while being safe!


SH: Are there any artists that are particularly inspiring you during these unusual times?

BW: There's not really a particular artist we could name since we take inspiration from multiple artists all the time. We each came to the group with unique aesthetics, so different music tastes came with that. If anyone ever wants to know the artists we're currently listening to though, we update a Spotify playlist weekly with our favorite songs! Go check it out!


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