Oh, braces.

Most of us have been or will be part of a metal-mouthed awkward phase. Fun times.

And while we all know the end result will be nothing short of amazing, getting to that point can be quite the arduous process.

But rest assured, you’re not alone. As people who have worn braces themselves, we can relate to the 14 truths below:

1. You don’t care what anyone says, you totally want braces (and not even for the sake of perfecting your smile). You just think for some odd reason, braces will be fun to wear.

girl with braces is smiling

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2. You’ve pulled apart a paperclip or some other pliable metal and placed it inside your mouth to give off the feeling of having braces or a retainer.

3. You finally get your cherished dream of having braces and you can’t wait to flaunt your new look at school. People are going to have so many questions!

Close up of a girl smiling with braces.

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4. After about a week of wearing them, your metal-mouthed excitement begins to die down.

5. Any gaps you have in your teeth close up seemingly overnight, leading you to wonder why you still need to wear these darn things for what feels like an eternity.

6. You’ve chewed gum and sipped soda at some point during your braces-wearing experience, and the world did not collapse.

7. You’ve selected holiday-themed colors for your bands, only to realize they look silly after the holiday comes and goes.

smiling girl wears colorful braces

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8. Getting your braces tightened is not fun.

girl with braces goes to the dentist

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9. You were told your braces will be taken off in a month… six months ago.

10. You totally freak out, wondering if you’ll have your braces off in time for senior pictures.

11. When you finally do get your braces off, you’re super annoyed that there’s a tiny bit of glue stuck to your teeth.

12. You love the incredibly smooth feeling of your teeth after your dentist polishes them.

13. You’ll wear your retainer on the reg for a few months and then you’ll gradually stop.

14. The entire experience with braces is totally worth it because now you have a million dollar smile. ????

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