19 Truths You'll Relate to If Breakfast Is Your Favorite Meal

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but some of us take that statement a step further.

For breakfast lovers, there is no other food quite like the sweet and savory combo of flapjacks, bacon and eggs any style.

If breakfast is your favorite meal then you'll definitely relate to these dedicated truths:

1. If there's an option to add bacon, you add bacon. Doesn't matter what it is.

2. No matter what time it is, if you have yet to eat a meal then it means breakfast is on the menu. Your first meal of the day is always breakfast… no matter what time of the day it is.

3. If a restaurant doesn't serve all-day breakfast then you're not really sure why they're still open for business.

4. The question, "What do you want for dinner?" is always answered with, "Breakfast."

5. When McDonald's started serving breakfast all day you wept tears of joy.

6. You consider maple syrup a condiment up there with ketchup and ranch.

7. You know that waffles make the perfect sandwich bread.

Waffles with chicken fried steak, egg, and gravy. #badassbrunch #wafflesandwich #nomnomnom

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8. When ordering, it's like choosing between two loves: sweet or savory??

9. You're very particular about your eggs—and rightfully so. The balance between runny and dry is an art form.

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10. When everyone is talking up holiday dinners, you're more excited about the giant breakfast that precedes the inferior Thanksgiving meal.

11. You know there are two kinds of breakfast lovers: pancake people and waffle enthusiasts.

12. You aren't really into fancy brunch foods like lobster hash or eggs Florentine. You'd really just prefer a simple stack of buttermilk pancakes and crispy bacon. Why tamper with something that's already perfect?

13. You've lost count of how many pieces of toast you've had today.

14. For your birthday you always choose a breakfast spot rather than a fancy dinner joint.

Post #500 AND A beautiful stack of pancakes to celebrate being 2 decades old! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I love food. Most people know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to eat. But! I also love sharing meals with people, anyone, and being able to talk about anything in the world. I love to look at menus and choose unfamiliar dishes, then savor all the new flavors and textures and learn to appreciate them. Any meal becomes enjoyable and eating becomes less of a need to fulfill basic neccessities but a living experience. I have a meal the way I'm immersed in a book, listening to music, admiring art, meeting new people: I'm experiencing something sensory and wonderful because it's in the moment, whether I chose it or because it suddenly came about. But it's happening and I will relish it fully, and if need be I will simply get another plate #nghigetsanotherplate ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? #pancakes #birthdaypancakes #funfetti #sprinkles

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15. Cereal is your go-to midnight snack.

16. You never have and never will understand the Parfait.

17. On that same note, you don't really trust people who "drink" their breakfast in the form of smoothies or juices. Something's just off about them.

18. You made avocado toast before it was cool.

Avotoast anyone? ???? #avomonday for @bettinas_kitchen ???????????? #mypinkvibes

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19. Breakfast is the comfort food that's there for you through heartbreaks and head colds. Dare you say it's your soulmate? The perfect companion? Your BBFF (best breakfast friend forever)? Yes, yes you dare.


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