Premiere: Brenna D'Amico and Liv Ritchie Join Forces for Smooth New Single 'Dont Want You Back'

When two women find out they're dating the same guy, it doesn't usually result in them becoming best friends—but that's precisely what happened between singer-songwriters Brenna D'Amico and Liv Ritchie.

Rather than turning against each other, the two managed to strike up a friendship, turning their ire towards the boy, instead. Not only did the event lead to their incredible friendship, but it also resulted in their first collaborative track, "Don't Want You Back" inspired directly by those events. Today, the two premiere the striking song and its lyric video right here at Sweety High.

Keep reading to find out what the duo had to say about the song and the story behind it—and check out the video right here!

Sweety High: Can you quickly tell us the story of how the two of you met?

Liv Ritchie: We met at a small party of a mutual friend. We didn't really talk that much at first. Brenna is pretty outgoing and I can be quite shy when it comes to being at a party with a bunch of people I don't know. She complimented my pants, then we started giving each other advice on our boy problems, as one does. Turns out we had a little too much in common and we were having issues with the same boy!

Brenna D'Amico: We met at a small gathering thrown by a mutual friend. Liv has such a warm energy and she made me feel super comfortable as soon as I met her. We eventually started talking about our past relationships and quickly realized we had a lot in common.


SH: Why is it so important for you to share that story—about women lifting each other up and supporting each other, rather than turning against each other?

BD: Women should never put other women down, for any reason. It's so important to remind each other of our self-worth and to remember we are not competing with each other! There truly is power in kindness and encouragement; that's what women need to give to one another and Liv has given me that since the moment I met her.

LR: I think it's far too easy to turn on people or to give blame. Or to feel jealousy and hurt. I think encouraging each other through this situation reminded us of the value we hold and what we deserve. Supporting one another makes it easier to walk in confidence, rather than let any of it cause new insecurities. In getting to know Brenna, I've discovered so many qualities I admire about her and she has encouraged me in many areas of my own life. I've grown a lot through it.


SH: At what point did you two decide to turn that real-life experience into a song?

LR: It happened pretty fast. Like literally days after meeting, we sat at my kitchen table and talked through everything. A week later we were in the studio laying down the vocals. Moments like this are so meant to be. Even the fact that we were both singer-songwriters was so perfect. This was the most fun I've had collaborating on a song.

BD: Once we realized we both sing and write we knew we had to work together. This is my first time collaborating with someone on a song and working with Liv has been a dream! I'm so grateful to her for this whole experience.


SH: What do you think you both uniquely add to the track?

LR: I think everyone was surprised with how well our voices blended together. I'm obsessed with Brenna's tone. She's so dynamic as an artist. She definitely gave it a lot of personality. It's sweet and salty. To compliment that, I played a lot with soft and airy vocals while expressing frustration.

BD: I think our voices complement each other so well! I appreciate how I can feel Liv's emotional connection to a song when she is singing. And I love her breathy, deep, smooth vocals.


SH: Do you have any advice for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation?

LR: Forgiveness is key. I tend to take my hurt out in the music, but in real life, it is very healing to leave it at that and choose to forgive.

BD: Don'ignore red flags! Trust your intuition, and don't settle for less than you deserve.


SH: Do you each have a favorite lyric from the song?

LR: "I ran away cause I know you like the chase, but in hindsight, you made too many mistakes." This was something I thought was funny. I played his game while he was playing me. The chase can be fun, but it's a little sus when you have to keep running away to get their attention!

BD: "How come you wait until I'm over you—ha ha—to do everything I've always asked you to? Ha ha. Thought I'd be waiting here forever, took your time like I'm whoever, now I'm not even in the mood." This is a reminder to know your worth. Don't wait around for anyone!


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

LR: I'm honestly just so thankful that I met Brenna because she is a gem of a human and this situation/song brought two unlikely friends together. Those are some of my favorite moments in life.

BD: This is my first time releasing music and I truly couldn't have asked for anyone better than Liv to do it with. She is incredibly talented, and she's also so kind and so genuine. She's such a sweetheart and I'm so lucky to know her!


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