Get to Know Actress Brenna D'Amico

We've seen a lot of Brenna D'Amico these past few years, and we know we're bound to see more.

The actress plays Jane in Disney's Descendants franchise and still finds time to make videos for her YouTube channel. From that, we know she's a talented actress and a musician with a goofy side. Now that she chatted with Sweety High this week, we can share even more.

Scroll down for fun facts about Brenna!

Brenna D'Amico

(Photo credit: Amanda Ramón)

Name: Brenna D'Amico

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois (lives in Los Angeles, California now)

Birthday: Sept. 28

Zodiac Sign: Libra

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Fun Facts:

1. If she were a Hogwarts student, she'd for sure be sorted into Slytherin.

2. Her cheese pizza isn't complete without buffalo sauce and ranch.

3. She's hooked on Snapchat because she likes the filters and sharing stories with friends.

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4. Her go-to nail polish color is black because "it goes with everything!"

5. The show she most recently binge-watched was Netflix's You.

6. She's got a thing for any character played by Timothée Chalamet.


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