How I Got Over a Broken Heart

A broken heart is one of the worst kinds of pain someone can experience. And up until recently, I was dealing with that exact pain.

My boyfriend and I broke up just before the holidays, though this time I wasn't the girl being dumped like I'd been in the past. I decided I needed to follow my gut and end the relationship, even though I wanted it to work so badly. As I realized, some things just aren't meant to be. Regardless, I loved him very much, which is perhaps why my broken heart seemed like it would never fully heal.

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I left Los Angeles and flew home to Boston to be with my family over the holidays ,and as much as I was trying hard not to be miserable, I was. My body felt heavy and I felt like every time I moved, it was in slow motion. My mind would race thinking of all the good times I had with him, and I would cry myself to sleep. I just wanted the pain to go away so much, so I obviously wished I could fast-forward through the heartbreak. But unfortunately, that's just not possible.

I knew sulking in my misery wouldn't start the healing process. I needed to stay busy and surround myself with friends and family who loved me, and I did exactly that.

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When I got back to L.A., I filled up my days. I deep-cleaned my apartment, caught up on emails, and took a lot of bubble baths. More importantly, I filled my schedule to spend time with my best friends. In my relationship I was so blinded by love I didn't make as much time for friendships that mean the most to me. I made sure to reconnect with all of my besties, and as always, they had my back. We went on day trips and got mani-pedis. We went out to breakfast and had sleepovers. They made me laugh when I never even thought I would smile again. I have the best friends in the entire world and my heart is on the mend because of their love and care.

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I've also realized something else very important during this process. It's one thing for your friends and family to love you, but it's very important to love yourself and know your worth. It's okay to be sad because I'm on my way to being happy again. I forgot what I deserved. I deserve love and devotion, and I know now, that one day I would love that in a partner. But right now I need to give myself love. Love yourself enough to know that you are enough. One day I will be enough for the right person, but right now I just need to be enough for me.


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