BROWN GIRL Jane's New Wanderlust Fragrance Collection Is Scientifically Designed to Bust Stress

If you're currently dealing with January blues, you're far from alone.

Getting back into the swing of things in the new year can be tough for a number of reasons, but BROWN GIRL Jane's new Wanderlust Collection is here to help. The collection of three mood-boosting fragrances, out today, Jan. 13, utilizes the powerful connection between scent and the mind to ground wearers and relieve stress. These fragrances retail for $62 each and can be purchased online through Nordstrom, and we got to chat with the creators of BROWN Girl Jane, including CEO Malaika Jones, to learn more about the brand and how these deliciously scented fragrances work.

Sweety High: Can you tell us all about BROWN GIRL Jane? What's the brand's mission statement, and why are wellness and inclusivity so crucial to you and the founders?

Malaika Jones: BROWN GIRL Jane is a luxury, wellness and beauty company centering the needs of dynamic women of color. Owned and founded by myself and my sister Nia Jones, along with media and beauty industry veteran Tai Beauchamp, BROWN GIRL Jane creates innovative products tailored and designed to relieve stress, enhance beauty and elevate mood. Named Refinery29's Beauty Innovator of the Year and WWD's Top Wellness Player, BROWN GIRL Jane is the first collection of its kind, rooted in community and anchored in inclusivity, quality and transparency. The wellness of women is an authentic passion of ours. Every inch of our business was designed to create a collection, and a community, that helps bring balance and healing to the body, mind and spirit for our tribe. Our goal is that our thoughtfully and painstakingly designed plant-based product line will serve as an essential to your wellness routine, and begin to help shift and heal our collective energy.

BROWN GIRL JAne women with three fragrance bottles

(via BROWN GIRL Jane)


SH: What was the inspiration behind the Wanderlust Collection? How would you describe the three fragrances, Lamu, Bahia and Casablanca?

MJ: First, at BROWN GIRL Jane we are focused on creating anti-stress solutions to help you feel good, look great and live well, so we knew that fragrance was a significant opportunity to support the well-being of our consumers. In partnering with Firmenich, we knew we could develop fragrances that are scientifically proven to improve your mood. But we didn't stop there—we wanted to take our customer a step further—on a journey to inspire love, to uplift and to soothe. The Wanderlust experience is an olfactive escape—capturing the unforgettable energy of some of our favorite cities (Lamu, Kenya, Bahia, Brazil and Casablanca, Morocco). The names were also strategically chosen to reflect where Black women live around the world. We developed this really beautifully crafted trio as a love letter to all of our Black and brown women across the world who have inspired us and the scents that take you there, each with totally different scent profiles. It was just this amazing ability to infuse this wellness component into fragrance and so we're super excited about that. LaMu is infused with coastal sage, salty plumeria, and coconut water—designed to uplift. Bahia contains water lotus, tuberose, and vanilla to relax and ease, and Casablanca comes complete with cardamom, soft suede and glowing amber to give off soothing vibes of love and sensuality.

brown girl jane three fragrance bottles

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SH: What exactly is the connection between scent, memory and mood? How do these three scents play off of that, and enhance our moods?

MJ: Scent triggers our bodies' limbic system, the part of the brain involved in our behavioral and emotional responses, where feelings, moods, emotions and memory are processed. The collection uncovers the link between emotions, ingredients and colors using proprietary and science-based technology. In other words, in addition to the all-natural fragrances, it's also about the embedded innovative technology that invokes an uplifting sensory reaction when you wear them.

BROWN GIRL Jane Casablanca fragrance lifestyle photo

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SH: How do these fragrances supplement the other products in your wellness line?

MJ: The Wanderlust collection is our latest innovation and fully complements our mission to help make the lives of our consumers less stressful and more manageable.


SH: What other tips do you have for improving mood and working on our own personal wellness journeys when we're down?

Tai Beauchamp: Exercise, exercise, exercise—especially with friends.

MJ:  My go-to mood boost is breathwork. It doesn't need to be full-on meditation, but taking time to ensure I'm breathing deeply into my body gives me an immediate emotional boost.

Nia Jones: When I'm down, helping others—be it a friend or donating my time—always uplifts me.

BROWN GIRL Jane Bahaia fragrance lifestyle photo

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