Everything You MUST Know About Musical.ly Sensation Bryce Xavier

We love a multi-talented guy any day of the week, but this Monday, let us introduce you to Bryce Xavier.

The actor, model, violinist and Musical.ly star has over two million followers on his account, and we can't say we're surprised. Get to know him better than ever below!

Musical.ly Star Bryce Xavier Man Crush Monday art

(Photo Credit: Justin Doe)

Name: Bryce Xavier

Hometown: Lakewood, California

Birthday: Feb. 15

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Fun Facts:

1. Given the choice between Marvel and DC, he'll always pick Marvel.

"Marvel has the best superheroes." 

-Bryce Xavier

2. He's had a big last 12 months, making it all the way to the Kids' Choice Awards. Asked the most important thing he's learned in the past year, he left us pretty inspired:

"I learned that anything is possible."

-Bryce Xavier

3. His fave scent in the whole world is vanilla.

4. A sense of humor is extremely important to Bryce. It's one of his favorite things about himself.

"I like to laugh and make others laugh!"

-Bryce Xavier

5. He's not ashamed to admit that Big Hero 6 always makes him cry.

6. He's a total night owl.

"Once I'm up, I'm up and I never want to sleep."

-Bryce Xavier

7. Snapchat is the app he absolutely can't live without.

"My streaks are my life."

-Bryce Xavier


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