Here's What You Need to Know About Dancer, Actor and Model Connor Finnerty

It's time we talked about dancer, actor and model Connor Grant Finnerty.

He has appeared in commercials and music videos alongside people like Meghan Trainor, Derek Hough and Zac Efron which is totally what we look for in a crush amirite? He also has his own YouTube channel we just can't stop watching.

Get to know this cutie below!


(Photo credit: Ethan Kaslow)

Full Name: Connor Grant Finnerty

Hometown: Roseville, California.

Birthday: March 28

 Zodiac Sign: Aries

Fun Facts:

1. "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson made a huge impact on him.

"For as long as I can remember, Michael Jackson's music has inspired me. I loved this song long before I even knew who Michael Jackson was. My parents would play it and I would dance to it. I guess in some ways this song is what inspired my parents to have me start dancing." -Connor Finnerty

2. He has three dogs, a Chihuahua named Pebbles, a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix called Bella and Emmy, a Pomeranian.

3. He takes shoe shopping very seriously. He has a huge collection and would love to own a pair of Nike Air Mags.

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4. The last time he was completely starstruck was when he worked with Zac Efron.

"Back in December I did a live commercial for The Greatest Showman that aired on FOX. I was starstruck over meeting and working with Zac. He and Justin Timberlake are my role models. I am inspired by their work ethic and talent." -Connor Finnerty

5. He definitely belongs in Gryffindor.

"I believe their values fit me well. Their values are bravery, nerve, determination and chivalry. I may not always be the most daring person, but I am a work in progress!" -Connor Finnerty

6. His favorite day of the year is always his birthday.

"It's the one day out of the year that's all about me. My family always makes me feel special, and of course it helps that I'm the baby of the family!" -Connor Finnerty

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7. When he was younger, he totally had a crush on Emma Ross from Jessie.

"I thought she was gorgeous and I still think that! Emma made me laugh. She was funny and ditzy at the same time." -Connor Finnerty


Connor kills it on his own YouTube vlog, but how well do you know skateboarder Ben Azelart and his channel?