New K-Pop Girl Group bugAboo Discuss Hopes for the Future

If you're a K-pop stan who is looking for a new artist to follow, you have to check out the new girl group bugAboo.

The group made its debut on Oct. 25 with the self-titled track and single album bugAboo. In just a few weeks after release, the music video for the single has already gained over 14 million views on YouTube, and that number's only going to keep on growing. We were lucky enough to get the chance to chat with the girls fresh off of their debut and find out all about their first single and their next steps as a group.

Sweety High: Can you introduce yourselves and state your positions within the group?

Choyeon: Hello! I'm Choyeon, fierce on the outside but with an inside as sweet and sour as a cherry. I'm the leader and main dancer.

Zin: Hello! With a presence as colorful as the aurora and the youngest member (maknae), I'm Zin. I'm the main vocalist. 

Yoona: I'm Yoona from Hokkaido, renowned for its milk. I'm a sub-vocalist and the team's smiling angel.

Rainie: Hello! I'm Rainie. I'm the main vocalist, and my sweet voice will leave you wanting to listen to it on repeat.  

Eunchae: Hello! I'm our team's tireless, hybrid heart Eunchae! I'm the main rapper and main dancer!

Cyan:  Hello! I'm the smart Tinker Bell and irresistibly cute Cyan! I'm a sub-vocalist. 


SH: What does the name bugAboo mean to you?

Eunchae: Personally, bugAboo is like a second name. We were always referred to as just trainees before, and now to be called bugAboo feels as though I have been given a new name. 

Cyan: For me, bugAboo instills a sense of belonging. It feels like we have finally become a team and a family.

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SH: What is the difference between the "Bug" unit and the "Boo" unit?

Choyeon: The Bug unit is a performance-centric unit focusing on delivering powerful, intense performances. The Boo unit is composed of bubbly, bright energetic members. 

Rainie: The Bug unit is full of passion and energy while the Boo unit is lovely and cute!


SH: How does the title track "bugAboo" represent the group's concept?

Choyeon: The concept of our title track "bugAboo" covers the journey of six ordinary girls meeting a new world and overcoming their traumas. 

Zin: Our title track "bugAboo" is meant to draw curiosity and interest in us. We want to showcase our fierce yet cute image through this mischievously cute concept. 


SH: What is your favorite part of working with producer Ryan S. Jhun?

Choyeon: My favorite part of working with our CEO Ryan S. Jhun is that we're able to grow and learn under his direction. He always gives realistic advice and helps us recognize our weaknesses and strengths that we may have been unaware of ourselves. 

Zin: I like how I'm able to further my understanding of his musical style and learn musically from him, too. 

Rainie: Admittedly, Ryan is pretty strict during our recording sessions. However, he really takes the time to give us earnest feedback, which is very touching. I had a lot of fun. 

Eunchae: My favorite part is that we're promoting and performing his song. I was always a fan of his work even before I joined the company. I'm honored to have received and to be performing his song. 

Cyan: Above all, my favorite part is that we have a lot to learn from. Since our CEO Ryan is very experienced and has worked with various artists before, I like the fact he guides and advises us on the kind of vibes we should be going for and how to act on broadcasts

(Image courtesy of A Team Entertainment)


SH: What concepts do you hope to try in the future?

Choyeon: I would like to try a teen concept. All our members are refreshing and have this bubbly energy that I believe is befitting for a cheerleader, teen concept.

Zin: I would like to try something dreamlike and mystical like f(x)'s 4 Walls.

Yoona: I would like a mysterious, wizardry concept.

Rainie: Honestly, we want to try everything! I'm confident we can accomplish anything, and our distinct colors will shine through.

Eunchae: My choice would be groovy hip-hop. It's a concept I normally enjoy, and I'm curious to see bugAboo's interpretation of hip-hop after adding our unique spin to it.

Cyan: In the future, I would like to try a cool, powerful style of music. While bugAboo is a bit dark, "All Night Play" is comparably brighter and cute. I wish for a bright song like "All Night Play" that is not necessarily cute but instead powerful.


SH: Were you nervous before your debut? How do you feel afterward?

Choyeon: Before our official debut, I think I was caught up on whether I would be able to demonstrate how far I've progressed since my appearance on the survival competition show. While I can't say those concerns and worries have completely subdued, my heart is filled with warmth by the sheer amount of love and support many people have given me.

Zin: Rather than nervousness, my feelings of joy and excitement were greater. Nowadays, I'm always hyped up as endorphins are released to the dedication I give every day to deliver my best on every stage for those awaiting it.

Yoona: Right before our debut, I couldn't contain the excitement; the anticipation was killing me. After the debut, I'm having so much fun beyond my imagination.

Rainie: I cried a lot from anxiousness before our debut. Now that we've debuted, I want to do my best in everything and become a skilled singer.

Eunchae: Constant tension and bouts of nervousness filled each passing moment. I practiced day in and day out in order to exemplify perfection. It still really hasn't set in yet that we've debuted. At the same time, every day is incredible, and I'm thankful for every opportunity and stage.

Cyan: Yes, I was super nervous! Not only was I worried about how well I would do after my debut, but also whether I was prepared enough in the first place. All these doubts left me very worried and nervous. However, now I'm glad and super happy I've debuted.

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SH: What can fans expect from a bugAboo performance?

Choyeon: Fans can anticipate memorable performances where each member successfully presents her individual charm. We always strive to convey the bugAboo universe and our message within our performances. Please look forward to it! 

Zin: I want to show our fans our continual growth and improvements as well as deliver enchanting performances that will leave a lasting impression. 

Yoona: Our title track "bugAboo" contains a move where the six of us make a pyramid. Fans can expect to see the members' charms and energies exponentially enhanced through this choreography. 

Rainie: bugAboo has shown a diverse song and fresh new choreography in this debut. Our best is yet to come, so please anticipate our future. We'll begin to incorporate acrobatics moves too, so please keep your eyes on us!

Eunchae: We've prepared a varied and wide spectrum of performances. The performances will include, but are not limited to our perfectly in-sync choreography, acrobatics and other various genres of dance! 

Cyan: I would like our fans to expect extraordinary performances! We've included many attractions and points in our choreography such as making a human pyramid and acrobatics. Please look forward to our upcoming stages and performances!


SH: If you get the chance to tour in the future, where would you all like to visit?

Choyeon: I would really like to go on an overseas tour, particularly to Taiwan and Japan. It would truly be a memorable and special experience to perform in the homelands of our members Rainie and Yoona. 

Rainie: If given the opportunity, I would like to tour the world since our fans are worldwide. The United States and Paris are where I would love to go the most.

Eunchae: Rainie's and Yoona's homelands Taiwan and Japan respectively! Additionally, I would like to go to the United States and Europe.

Cyan: I would like to go to Los Angeles since I've never been to the United States.


SH: What is something you would like to say to all your new fans?

Choyeon: bugAboo's complex charm and appeal stems from our six very special and characteristic members. We're a spirited group devoted to spreading energy and hope through our performances! So please look forward to us, and show us a lot of love!

Zin: Thank you for joining us on the first steps of our journey. Please continue to stay by our side in the future!

Yoona: Whenever and wherever you may be, all our bugAboo supporters are one! Let's continue to be united and make many happy memories together. I love you!

Rainie: Thank you to the fans who've been with us before our debut as well as to all the new fans we've made afterward. I'm grateful for your words of encouragement and affection! I sincerely hope to meet each and every one of you one day. Please wait a little while longer until that day comes!

Eunchae: As long as you've decided to love us, we are bound to be together. I promise to only bring you happiness, good vibes, and good energy! I love you!

Cyan: Thank you so much for loving us! Let's make beautiful memories together! I love you!


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