10 Struggles You'll Only Relate to If You Share a Bunk Bed

Sharing a bunk bed with a sibling can sound a lot better on paper than it is in practice.

It can be bad enough to share a bedroom, but when you share a two-tiered bed, it can introduce all kinds of unanticipated hassles. If that sounds like you, keep reading for the struggles you'll only understand if you share a bunk bed.

1. It's a rare, special occurrence when siblings can actually agree on who gets the top bunk and who gets the bottom one. Everyone always thinks they want the top bunk, which can lead to arguments even long after the sleeping arrangements have been decided.


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2. Even if you do manage to come to an agreement about swapping top and bottom bunks every so often, things rarely work out because the top bunk person refuses to move when the time comes, and the bottom bunk person can't be bothered to make them.

3. Either you're on the bottom bunk and you're constantly being woken up by the tiniest movements from the person in the bunk above yours, or you're in the top bunk and you have to be as graceful and quiet as you possibly can if you're going to move at all during the night. Even then, you find yourself accidentally disturbing your bottom bunk buddy with the wobbles and creaks your movement inevitably causes.

4. Since only the bottom bunker has direct access to the electrical outlets, you're constantly bickering over charging phones and laptops. The person on the bottom bunk has all the control, and the person up top is subject to their whims when it comes to getting charged up.


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5. If you're on the top bunk, you've developed a very strict restroom schedule, because getting up to go in the middle of the night is such a daunting and dangerous task. Not to mention that the person below you will absolutely complain when you wake them up.

6. And when you're feeling sick or exhausted, simply getting back up into that top bunk can feel all but impossible. Even once you're up there, you don't feel completely safe with just a tiny rail to hold you in.

7. But it's not all smooth-sailing for the person on the bottom bunk, either. Because it's so easily accessible, your bed becomes a communal chill space for anyone who hangs out in your room—and even the top bunk resident finds themself there when they don't feel like making the trek up.

8. And the one on the bottom bunk also takes on the responsibility of passing things up to the top bunk, since the person up there can't ever get to anything. If you're the top bunk person getting stuff passed to you, you can start feeling like a burden, and sometimes go without what you need for way too long simply because it feels like too much work.


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9. If you're on the top bunk, you pretty much never wash your bedding and switch because way too much of a pain to make your bed. If you're on the bottom, you have to deal with just how gross that is.

10. And while the person in the top bunk occasionally gets afforded a little bit of lofty privacy, that sometimes means that the person in the bottom bunk thinks they're alone in the room, even when it's occupied. Surprise!


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