Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries Are a Crunchy New Twist on Our Burger King Fave

When it comes to food mashups, the limit does not exist.

Burger King's Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries are proof of that. What once started out simply as chicken and fries evolved, and then the transformation just kept going.

Burger King's newest menu item is a twist on a favorite: Chicken Fries. The difference is that the chicken is coated with a special pretzel breading, giving it some extra salt and crunch. It might not sound like much, but in terms of taste, it could bring the snack to the next level, especially once you dunk it in sauce.

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Unfortunately for anyone who's drooling right now, Burger King only plans to offer Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries for a limited time… and hasn't announced how long they'll be available.

You'll have to get to a participating location to try them out, and the sooner the better. We'll get the car started now.


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