Butter & Me's Minimalist Skincare Will Make You AND Your Skin Happy

These days, I'm pretty mindful about what I slather onto my skin.

I'm always on the lookout for brands that offer products with better ingredients, while also keeping their environmental impact in mind, and Butter & Me ticks both boxes. They're a skincare company focused on minimalistic and better-for-you beauty, and when the team behind the brand reached out to me, I happily agreed to try out some of their products for myself. Keep reading to find out what I discovered.

The Brand

Butter & Me was created with accessible and affordable clean beauty in mind. Their products are made with simple yet effective ingredients—ditching the fillers to focus on good-for-you active ingredients—for healthy, glowing skin.

But they're not only minimalistic when it comes to ingredients. The brand's zero-waste packaging is also made with 100% post-consumer recycled shipping materials, to reduce the brand's impact on the environment. That means when you shop Butter & Me, you'll feel as good as you look.

Butter and Me: Choco Bars, Butter Melts and more

(via Butter & Me)


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The Products

Peppermint Butter Spread Lip Balm: $8

If you're not impressed with traditional tubed lip balms, definitely give this Peppermint Butter Spread Lip Balm a try. It's made with cocoa butter first and foremost, so it spreads on your lips with a melty, buttery feel and lets you know your lips are protected. It also includes oils from coconut, avocado and kukui for extra softness, and leaves you with a gentle, minty tingle. I also have a ton of lip balms in and on my desk at any given moment, so the fact that this is the one I've been reaching for lately when my lips are feeling dry really speaks to how smooth and soothing it is.

Butter & Me Peppermint Butter Spread Lip Balm

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Lovely Better Melt Lotion Bar: $20

I was a little surprised to see just how small this 1.25 oz, cloud-shaped lotion bar was, but once I used it, I discovered that a little went a long way. Unlike other lotion bars I've tried, it wasn't super melty, and yet I could see and feel the difference it made on my skin after just one or two passes thanks to the inclusion of kokum butter, sunflower oil and avocado oil. It had a super smooth and creamy texture, and it was perfectly moisturizing and had a lovely geranium scent, which was both earthy and floral at once. It also came with a reusable cotton drawstring bag for storage, so you can bring it on the go or shove it in with your other products without wasting a hint of that lotiony goodness. I used it to moisturize myself from head to toe daily, and it lasted a little over a week.

Butter & Me Lovely Butter Melt Lotion Bar

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Matcha Vanilla Choco Scrub: $18

Last, but certainly not least, was the Matcha Vanilla Choco Scrub. I will warn you that once you remove this from its box, it should go straight into the shower, because its delicious white chocolate and matcha scent makes it indistinguishable from an actual bar of chocolate and you do not want someone to accidentally try to eat it.

Not only did this exfoliating scrub bar work like a dream, buffing my skin with organic sugar and leaving it silky-smooth, but it left me smelling like chocolate. I also liked that the chocolate bar format, with its triangular pieces, allowed me to break off exactly what I needed for the shower. You can use this pretty quickly if you're exfoliating for shaves and more, so it's nice to be able to ration it mindfully. Even so, I went through this bar in less than two weeks!

Butter & Me Matcha Choco Scrub

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Bottom Line

Butter & Me makes some phenomenal skincare products that will make a noticeable difference to the health of your skin, and all with simple, natural ingredients and sustainability in mind. They may not be the most inexpensive option out there, but for the quality and care put into their products, they're well worth it.


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