TikTok-Favorite Skincare Brand BYOMA Is Finally In ULTA

We spend hours each and every week scrolling through TikTok, and while it may seem like mindless scrolling to some (okay, most), we've actually learned all sorts of things!

From beauty to fashion, mental health, entertainment, reading, organization and so much more, if you have an interest, there's a place for you on TikTok. And one of our favorite places to be on TikTok has to be the beauty space. One brand that has popped up time after time is BYOMA, and when we learned the brand had landed a deal with ULTA, we just had to know more. BYOMA will be in 715 ULTA Beauty doors nationwide on Oct. 16 and is available to shop online today.

We spoke with Future Beauty Labs Founder and CEO, Marc Elrick, and he told us all about BYOMA, their launch in ULTA and more in the interview, below!

Sweety High: Tell us about BYOMA!

Marc Elrick: I started developing BYOMA back in 2020. During the initial COVID lockdown, people were playing chemist in their bathrooms, experimenting with new, super-strength actives—with less than desirable results.

I also noticed a significant trend of squeaky clean, shiny and stripped skin—symptomatic of a wider problem of people overusing, over-exfoliating and overbuying skincare. Basically, breaking their barriers in search of short-term, quick fixes that were doing more harm than good to their skin. So I wanted to create a solution that worked but was also accessible.

marc elrich byoma ulta

(via BYOMA)

I chose to immerse myself fully in skin science, and through extensive research, realized better skin stems from a boosted skin barrier. It really is as simple as that. That's how BYOMA was born. It's barrier-strengthening skincare driven by science, powered by ceramides for the ultimate skin-compatible solution.

Our proprietary tri-ceramide complex is formulated with the three key lipids of the stratum corneum (skin barrier)—ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids—to rebuild the skin barrier and restore natural moisture levels, ensuring skin functions at its best for every face, every day.

We then strategically selected our active ingredients because they're gentle, skin-compatible and strike the perfect balance between respecting the skin's barrier function, with credible evidence of efficacy. Combining these two elements across our formulas means everything is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet powerful enough to deliver noticeable, glowing results for all skin types.


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SH: What makes BYOMA's products so special and unique?

ME: Where do I begin? First and foremost, BYOMA was created with a strong purpose, which was to democratize the skincare landscape. These really are luxury formulations, made accessible to all.

We're disrupting the status quo of over-treated, over-exfoliated, barrier-broken skin. No other brands are doing what we're doing at this price point (all under $16!)—combining dermatologist-approved barrier care with effective, active, ingredients for noticeable results that works for all skin types.

And I can't not mention the stunning packaging, which is also sustainable (fully recyclable, 100% monomaterial plastic) that will look amazing on your bathroom shelf!

byoma ulta

(via BYOMA)

But more than that, we want to educate and empower our community because transparency and trust are everything. Not only do we decode the ingredient lists right on our packaging, but we also break down how and when you should use our products.

There's a lot of misinformation around skincare ingredients and, as a science-backed brand, we want to try to tackle that. So we'll always be honest with you about where we're getting information from, we'll look at the full picture of scientific research and not just cherry-pick the bits that suit us, and we'll also try to put that information into context. We also partner with independent experts—in cosmetic science and dermatology—so that you can feel confident that the information you get is as impartial as it can be.


SH: How does it feel to be in ULTA?

ME: Launching into ULTA is such a huge achievement for us as a brand. We know its reputation as a best-in-class retailer, for not only allowing skincare lovers to repurchase their favorite brands but also for them to actively try and discover new brands. We're so excited to be able to let our existing consumers shop the brand more easily, and to hopefully open ourselves up to a whole new audience!

byoma ulta

(via BYOMA)


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SH: What are BYOMA's best-sellers?

ME: We have two best-selling products, which really are such an incredible addition to any skincare regime.

Our Creamy Jelly Cleanser ($12.99) actually just won an Allure Best of Beauty Award—we're so proud! It's the most amazing cleanser and is really effective for all skin types to remove traces of dirt, makeup and grime without disrupting the skin barrier. You've got antioxidant-rich ingredients like licorice root and green tea in there to help brighten and balance, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed post-cleanse.

Next up is our Moisturizing Gel-Cream ($14.99), which is a super lightweight, super-fast absorbing, universally effective moisturizer enriched with niacinamide and green tea to help control oil production and calm any redness on the skin. It's such a gorgeous, game-changing formula that delivers instant hydration to skin that lasts all day long.

Of course, the benefit of both these products is that they contain our tri-ceramide complex, which is going to repair and restore your barrier function with each use.

byoma ulta

(via BYOMA)


SH: Are there any new product launches in the works?

ME: We have so many incredible launches coming up that are inspired by feedback from our incredible community. You're going to be seriously obsessed with these products—think elevated, supercharged staples for your skincare routine.

byoma ulta

(via BYOMA)


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SH: With the success BYOMA has seen at Target, do you plan on expanding into more retail spaces?

ME: Target has done amazing things with their beauty department—really consumers think of this as a destination to discover skincare. It's accessible, approachable, affordable. We could think of nowhere better to partner with to raise our brand profile and awareness as we grow BYOMA into the brand we want to be. Furthermore, we knew that it was important for everyone to be able to access our quality, barrier-boosting skincare—not just the people in big cities, but everyone in-between too. Accessibility is one of our key brand pillars, so this partnership made total sense for us.

With this in mind, we're always open to new partnerships that will enhance our brand positioning and allow us to expand our reach, bringing BYOMA's unique brand of barrier-boosting, skin-compatible skincare to the masses.

byoma ulta

(via BYOMA)


SH: Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

ME: We just launched our Refills! These pump-free versions of our products eliminate the need for non-recyclable pouch-style refills and minimize our reliance on single-use plastic. This means the only elements of our product that are not fully recyclable in household waste (droppers, mists and pumps) are designed to be reused again and again. This is a small change in the right direction that we hope makes it easier for people to make more sustainable choices when it comes to their skincare.


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