Call It Whatever Is the Latest Bella Thorne Single!

Bella Thorne is making a name for herself in music with a brand new single called "Call It Whatever"!call it whatever bella thorne

The new track is a perfect pop song with upbeat instrumentation and a heartbeat rhythm. We especially love the lead-in to the choruses, demonstrating Bella's versatility as an artist!

The track is about a fun yet dedicated love, and about how a relationship doesn't need to live to anyone's standards but the couple involved. Why define your love to help it make sense for someone else when you can "call it whatever"?

Bella sets out to break all the rules, and explains that love is so much more than diamond rings, fancy dinners and flowers.

"Call It Whatever" debuted yesterday on Radio Disney, and is the title track of Bella Thorne's upcoming debut album, which will release on June 24th!

We're also really excited for the music video, which is on the way later this month!

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