How Cameron White Is Empowering People to Find Their True Beauty With His Ofra Cosmetics Collab

17-year-old Cameron White is one of the most impressive young makeup artists coming up in the industry today, and the fact he's a boy is only one reason he's a standout.

Cameron has always been about helping others find themselves by showing them how to embrace their most beautiful, confident selves, but his new partnership with Ofra Cosmetics is helping him take that journey to the next level.

He's one of the five incredible influencers selected by the vegan and cruelty-free brand to launch their own beautiful products, and Cameron's line launched today—Sep. 21. His collection features a blush/highlight duo in Rodeo Drive and Mai-Tai shades, two lip gloss sets in Sao Paulo LLLL and Rodeo Drive, as well as a cheek and lip bundle.

So what does it mean to Cameron to be Ofra's youngest-ever (and first male) collaborator? We got the chance to ask him all about it.

Sweety High: When did you start experimenting with makeup as a form of self-expression?

Cameron White: I started experimenting with makeup when I was about 7 years old, at my local theater company in plays and productions. We had to wear makeup for every performance, so I quickly grew accustomed to the routine.


SH: From there, did it take long to find what you'd consider "your" look?

CW: After that time period, I began working on "my look." I'm always looking to improve my look, but I would say in the past few months I've found my perfect makeup routine.

Cameron White headshot in blue jacket

(Photo credit: Danielle Chudolij)


SH: What were the immediate reactions to your talents with cosmetics?

CW: I was very well supported by my friends, family and community when they found out I did makeup on the side. Everyone viewed me doing makeup as "my art," and respected me no matter what.


SH: How did this collaboration with Ofra Cosmetics come to be?

CW: The collaboration with OFRA Cosmetics came about back in June 2020, where they presented me with the idea, and I was immediately excited to get started!

Cameron White Glam Headshot

(Photo credit: Danielle Chudolij)


SH: What does it mean to be not just the youngest person to have a launch with Ofra, but also the first boy?

CW: To me, being the only boy, as well as the youngest person in this campaign, means so much to me. As a boy in beauty, in this campaign, I have a lot of responsibility to represent my community—as well as my age range. It's a huge honor to fill those shoes.


SH: How do the items in the collection reflect your personal makeup style? 

CW: For me, the products in my collection represent "my everyday glam" perfectly. No matter where you're going, I got you covered!

Ofra Cosmetics Cameron White collection

(via Ofra Cosmetics)


SH: What's your favorite place?

CW: My favorite place on earth would be my makeup studio in my home. It's my safe place, where I get to relax and let my emotions out into makeup looks.


SH: What words do you have for anyone who wants to get into makeup, but might be afraid because of societal expectations? 

CW: For anyone wanting to get started in makeup, but who may be afraid—just go for it! At the end of the day, the only person that needs to be happy is you.


SH: How can makeup be empowering, and how do you deal with people who don't get it?

Makeup empowers me through the transformation and confidence that it gives me! I become a new person the second I'm done with my glam!

Cameron White in bathrobe

(Photo credit: Danielle Chudolij)


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